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RV Life and Travel: Full-time RVing, RV Traveling, and RV Camping

RV Life and Travel shares our RV experiences -- full-time RVing, cold weather RVing in Alaska, summer RV camping trips, snowbird RV parks in the south, and boondocking -- along with RV tips and news.

RV life and travel. Many say full-time RVing the best life and travel. Recreational vehicles give you the comforts of home and the diversity of a vehicle.

My husband and I lived full-time in an RV for fourteen years. We’ve traveled by RV from California to Maryland, from Wyoming to Florida, from the southern tip of Texas to Alaska. We now enjoy RVing with a home base in Alaska.

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Join us in our RV life and travels. We’re enthusiastic proponents of full-time RVing and we have tons of RVing and camping information to share with you.

And, speaking of camping, isn’t camping and RVing the same thing? Sometimes, but not always. Campers can camp in RVs – but they can also camp in tents or out in the open, under the starry skies.

And, aren’t RVers campers? Some RVers stay at campgrounds, enjoy picnics on paper plates and campfires. Others? They dine in their rigs, on fine china, and afterwards lounge in front of their fireplace while they watch their big screen TVs.

Just as RVers come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, so do RVs.

Motorcycles can tow tiny, but functional, pop-up campers. Forty foot fifth-wheel trailers, with four slide-out rooms, can require a heavy-duty truck to pull them safely.

The price? I used to say you could pick up a used one for a few hundred dollars or buy a fancy new one for a few hundred thousand dollars. Now, those fancy motorhomes can be over one million dollars.

We’re assembling information about RVs, RV travel, and the full-time RVing lifestyle. Let’s see what’s here….

RV Life and Travel - New Articles, Announcements, and Site Updates
New updates on our RV travels, articles about full-time RVing, articles about RVs and RV maintenance, recreational vehicle industry news, our RVing life blog updates.
RVing Blog with Coleen and Bob: Sharing Our Life as Full-Time RVers
Our RVing blog, where we, the RV Life and Travel editors, Coleen and Bob, share what we do while RVing and what our days are like as full-timers, along with our personal thoughts about RV living.
Bob's Articles on RV Life and Travel: His Advice, Perspective, and Musings
RV maintenance and repairs, toys and tools for the road, and the joys and tribulations of RVing, all from a man's point of view. Bob's articles have become a favorite of our website visitors.
Full-time RVing: How to Start, Where to Begin, What to Take for the RV Lifestyle
Full-time RVing … living in a recreational vehicle …. How in the world do you get started? Here's how we planned and prepared, along with suggestions and things we've learned through the years.
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Working RVers Work Full-time, Have Part-time Jobs, Work Camp, and Volunteer
Working RVers can earn a decent living while RVing. They can also do part-time or volunteer jobs. Some run RV based businesses. Not all jobs for RVers are in campgrounds.
Winter RVing and Camping in the Cold, Northern States
Winter RVing in cold country -- I'm talking South Dakota and Alaska -- takes planning. But, the rewards are wonderful! Prepare your RV for freezing temperatures and get ready for a great experience.
Frugal RVing Tips For Thrifty RV Travel and Economical Full-time RVing
Frugal RVing can be among the least costly ways to live and travel. Living in an RV full-time doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot. Here are ten assorted ways to cut your RV travel expenses.
RV Boondocking: RVing Without Hook-ups (Dry Camping, BlackTop Camping)
RV boondocking means using the utilities on board the RV, rather than relying on electric, water, sewer, and telephone hook-ups. Boondocking is a good thing, using the RV's self-contained systems.
RVing, Traveling, and Camping with Pets
RVing, traveling, and camping with pets is part of life. For full-time RVers who live in their recreational vehicles, the RV is the pet’s home. Dogs routinely join campers and vacationers on trips.
RVing with Kids: Camping and Full-time RVing Families with Children
RVing with kids, yes, there are full-time RV families with children, and we have info for you, as well as for weekend campers and those who travel by RV on vacation adventures across the USA.
Single RVers' Clubs Offer Socialization and RVing "How-to" Support
Single RVers' clubs and organizations give solo RV travelers a special network. Whether the focus is on having fun at campouts or sharing RVing information, the groups form a support system.
Solar Electric for RVers: RV Solar System for Electricity Independence
Solar electric on our RV lets us use our electric appliances and tools without a generator and without plugging into shore power. Our solar panels and the rest of our photovoltaic solar system rock.
RVs for Emergencies: Be Ready to Use RV During an Emergency
RVs for emergencies are life savors -- literally. Escape the forest fire, flood, hurricane, or other storm. Have your RV ready to be your refuge -- your safe place, your shelter during a disaster.
Health Insurance Options for RVers for Affordable Health Care Coverage
Health insurance is a much talked about issue for full-time RVers. Remember employee paid health coverage is still an option. And, there are private medical insurance policies and group plans.
RV Financing When You Have Poor Credit
RV financing stumps people. Recreational vehicle loans are available as both home loans and auto loans. A reader with poor credit asks my advice. While banks and credit unions are options, try cash.
Recreational Vehicle History: Camping Memorabilia, RV Heritage Museum, Etc.
Recreational vehicle history goes back to the days of covered wagons. American RV historians say modern RV history begins in 1910. RVing history is archived and preserved by the RV/MH Heritage Museum.
Auto Insurance Quotes - Yes, You Really May Save Hundreds on your Premium
Ads for auto insurance quotes, you know the ones that say you could save if you switched companies, abound. Can you really save any money, or are all the RV and car insurance rates about the same?
RV Laundry: Washing And Drying Clothes While RVing
RV laundry. Yep, clothes get dirty when you are on the road, either camping or full-time RVing. What to do? Laundromat or washateria? Hand wash? A washing machine and clothes dryer in your RV?
RV Kitchens And Cooking: Stocking And Using the RV Galley
RV kitchens and cooking … RV galleys are the source of gourmet dinners, everyday meals, and camp snacks. Why, where, and how often you use cook in your RV kitchen determines how you stock it.
RV and Camping Tips to Help You Have More Fun, Solve Problems, and Save Money
These RV and camping tips are all sort of hints to make RV life and travel and camping easier, less expensive, and just simply more fun.
RVing State by State: Our RV Life and Travels, Organized by State
RVing state by state. The campgrounds and RV parks where we stayed, attractions we visited, things we saw and did, restaurants and eateries where we dined, travel and tourist info organized by state.
Fishing - Freshwater Angling, Catch and Release, Deep Sea Charters
Fishing and RVing ... Do fisherman RV or do RVers fish? We decide where to travel based on what's biting. For the sport, the catch, or as a job, you'll often find us with a line in the water.
Free Things to Do While RVing: No Cost Fun Activities and Entertainment
You can find free things to do most everywhere you go. Taking advantage of free entertainment and low or no cost activities can really cut your RVing expenses. Here are some we've found for you.
Holidays and RVing: Yes, You Can Celebrate and Enjoy Both
Holidays and RVing go together like cake and ice cream, fireworks and the 4th of July, and Christmas and candy canes. Gift ideas, decorating tips, and how to use your RV to make holidays special.
National Park News and Info for RVers and Campers
The National Park System … a place to explore nature, discover history, and have fun in the great outdoors. Its recreational facilities give us places to play. Its interpretive services help us learn.
Restaurants Add Food, Fun, and Cultural Flavor to RV Life and Travels
Restaurants, from local greasy spoons to fine dining, play an important part in our RV life and travels. Eating out is a cultural and social thing for us. Mom and pop cafes, BBQ joints, 24-hour diners
Full-time RVing Stories: What It's Really Like to Live in a Recreational Vehicle
Full-time RVing stories from our readers who actually live in a recreational vehicle - a travel trailer, motorhome, bus, camper, fifth-wheel, or other home on wheels -- along with why they do it.
RV Dreaming: Share Your Dreams and Plans for Full-time RV Living
RV dreaming? Are you excited and giddy with anticipation as you plan to go full-time RVing? Tell us about your hopes and dreams, your plans and preparations, so we can share in the fun with you.
Unique RVs! The Ones That Make You Take a Second Look
Unique RVs! The homemade camper, the travel trailer with the one-of-kind paint job, the custom motorhome, the unusual bus with…well…just what is on that weird RV?
RV Parts and Service: Getting Repairs and Mechanical Work on Your RV
RV parts and service businesses, when you need a mechanic to do repairs on your motorhome, fifth-wheel, or camper trailer. And, when you need parts and accessories to fix and upgrade your RV.
RV Maintenance is Key to Preventing Problems and Mechanical Breakdowns
RV maintenance goes a long way in keeping your recreational vehicle running smoothly. These articles share what we do to prevent problems and keep our RVs safe. They also discuss RV repairs.
Choosing a Toy Hauler - Things Bob Looks For
Choosing a toy hauler is somewhat different than buying an RV in general, because of all the storage room and how they are used. If I were buying a toy hauler, these are things I would shop for.
Emergency Road Service Membership Buys Peace of Mind and Saves Towing Expense
Emergency road service - some say never go RVing without it, while others say it is a waste of money. Can you change your RV tires? Can you do minor RV repairs? What does a tow cost?
Tools and Equipment: The Gear and Supplies for RVing Life and Travels
The right tools and equipment can make your RV life and travels a lot easier, safer, and more fun. The following articles are about the gear and general supplies we carry in our RV -- and why.
RV Safety: Know Your Recreational Vehicle, Maintain It, and Use It Safely
RV safety means you take precautions instead of chances. Keep your recreational vehicle well stocked and maintained. You don’t need to be a mechanic, but you need to know what things to check.
Recommended SD Mail Forwarding Service
Coleen recommends a SD mail forwarding service.
Have Questions About RV Life and Travel? Ask Here. Get Answers
Go ahead and ask your questions about RV life and travel. I'll answer based on our experience of being full-time RVers for over a decade. And, we'll open it up to fellow RVers and campers.
RVing Books, Camping Books, and Travel Books for RVers and Campers: Book Reviews
RVing books for newbies to stories of full-time RVers. Whether you're an armchair traveler or about to hit the road on your next adventure, check these RV, camping, and travel book reviews.
RVing and Camping Clubs Are Social Groups, Save RVers Money and Build RV Loyalty
RVing and camping clubs network RVers and campers with similar interests. These RV and camp groups provide discounts, magazines, rallies, RVing education, and RV news. Some are social organizations.
Campground and RV Park News for RVers, Including Reviews and Recommendations
Campground and RV park reviews based on our RV travels and those of our site visitors. Camp and resort owners are also welcome to share info on their parks. News and updates about public parks, too.
RV Industry News Releases: Fresh From the Press, For and About RVers and Campers
RV industry news releases announce what's new for campers and RVers. Press releases from RV manufacturers, camping clubs, tourist and travel associations, and the media about RV life and travel.
Tax Help for RVers, from a Tax Lawyer and Accountant, and the IRS
Tax help for RVers, from an RVer who is an accountant (CPA) and tax attorney, and from IRS publications particularly relevant to the special needs and issues of recreational vehicle owners.
RV Ramblings: Sharing our RV Lfe and Travel Experiences
Sharing our RV life and travels, our experiences as full-time RVers, and extended periods of living in an RV.
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