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RV Life and Travel Newsletter #441 ~ April 20, 2011
April 20, 2011

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RV Life and Travel News, Updates, and Tips
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RV Life and Travel E-zine #441 ~ April 20, 2011

Life As We Live It ... on the road with Coleen and Bob

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Where In the World Are Coleen and Bob?
(And Just What Are They Doing?)

Happy Easter! We hope that you are as blessed as we are.

We are now in the South Dakota Black Hills. A friend commented that we have come full-circle. That's true in several ways. One is that we spent a week or so here last fall, before heading down to the southern states for the winter. One involves snow -- more on that later. And, another is that prior to our full-time RVing days, we owned a sticks and bricks house in Deadwood.

However, we are not quite full-circle for the entire trip. We still have over 3000 miles to go to get back to our home-base in Alaska.

Wherever you are in your travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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RV Lifetyle Tip

A fishing license can be cheap entertainment, even if you are traveling and must buy out of state licenses.

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RV Life and Travel Blog

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~ RV Life and Travel Blog

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New Pages On

RVing from Texas to South Dakota, Full-Circle in the Lower 48

RVing lets us follow the sun -- and the snow. When Texas got too hot for our liking, we headed north. North right into white-out conditions that for a short time looked like a blizzard.

~~ Read the rest of this article on the website.

~ RVing TX to SD

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RV Life and Travel Tip

Periodically clean the screens in your roof vents.

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Bob's Article

My Fishing Experience Is Extensive Because Of Our RVing

Fishing and RVing are naturals together. Some people only enjoy angling for a single species. Others, like me, like the wide range of fish out there just waiting for someone to try to catch them.

I have used cane poles, which I cut myself from a little grove of bamboo near Sycamore, Georgia. I've helped run a trotline in Alabama. I've thrown a cast net in the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico for mullet.

~~ Go to the website to read the rest of Bob's article about some of his fishing experiences.

~ Fishing

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RV Life and Travel Tip

When setting up camp, check for ants. You may want to spray you electrical cord and sewer hose, as ants crawl up them enter the RV.

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Want to Know More About Working While RVing?

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~ Workers On Wheels

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Your RV Life and Travel Questions Answered

Campgrounds on a Trip to Alaska

~~ An RVer asks: My husband and I are planning a three month trip thru Canada and Alaska this summer. I'm wondering about the best way to find out about campgrounds in the area at the best prices? We're from Minnesota and plan to leave the end of May.

~~ I answered in part: As far as finding campgrounds on your way to Alaska, especially in May, you probably won't have a lot of choices. Most campgrounds in Canada have a short season.

~~ Go to the website to read the rest of my answer, which includes some specific campgrounds that I recommend.

~ Campgrounds to Alaska

~~ More RVing questions with my replies -- and add your comments.

~ Questions and answers about RVing.

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Watkins Summit Group Bus. Info

We need to earn a living, even while we are RVing. Part of our income comes from my being an Independent Watkins Associate (ID #362289) within the Summit Group. You could be one, too.

~ Buy or Sell Watkins Products

~ Build a Business with No Selling

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RVing Tip

Instead of having a full-size vacuum cleaner that takes up a lot of room, consider a hand vac (such as a Dirt Devil) and a broom.

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Positive RVing Attitudes

If you want sweet dreams, you've got to live a sweet life. ~ Barbara Kingsolver

Exude happiness and you will feel it back a thousand times. ~ Joan Lunden

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