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RV Life and Travel Newsletter #467 ~ December 3, 2011
December 04, 2011

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RV Life and Travel E-zine #467 ~ December 3, 2011

Life As We Live It ... on the road with Coleen and Bob

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Where In the World Are Coleen and Bob?
(And Just What Are They Doing?)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope that you did, also.

We had a delicious, traditional turkey dinner and an afternoon of fellowship at the home of non-RVing friends. Though, there was much talk about RVing. Some of the discussion was on the pros and cons of various types and sizes of RVs. I think by summer they'll be joining us as RVers.

Now, we are preparing for Christmas. Unless we have an unexpected change in our plans, we'll be celebrating Christmas in Alaska this year. I'll have stories about some of our Christmas comings and goings in the next few newsletters.

This issue includes an article on what to give RVers for gifts. You may find it handy to refer your friends and family to it. If you agree with my suggestions, just send them to it for ideas. If you don't agree, then use it as a starting point, sharing with them how not all RVers are alike, leading the conversation to what you'd like to receive instead. And, if you don't agree with my list, email and tell me what kinds of things you think make great gifts for RVers.

Wherever you are in your travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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RVing Tip

Store your Christmas decorations in a suitcase. On the few occasions that you travel away from you RV and need one, you'll have it. However, it won't be just taking up space all the rest of the time.

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Watkins Information

Watkins, those old-timey and natural products that have been made in Minnesota for the last 140-some years, make great gifts. The flavoring extracts and seasonings may also be the ingredients that made Grandma's Christmas goodies so tasty. Watkins will direct ship your gifts for you, and will even include a card with a personalized message from you.

We need to earn a living, even while we are RVing. Part of our income comes from my being an Independent Watkins Associate (ID #362289) within the Summit Group. You could be one, too.

~ Buy Watkins Products to Use or as Gifts

~ Find Out about Becoming a Watkins Dealer

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New Article On

Come On In and Smell Christmas: Decorating an RV for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas has always been part of our holiday celebrations. Although I no longer have room to store or display mass quantities of decorations, I still find ways to make our RV home look and smell like Christmas.

There's a pan of gingerbread baking in my RV oven. It smells wonderful. It smells like Christmas!

That mug of candy canes on my desk? I occasionally nibble on one and I sometimes use one to stir my tea. But mainly I sniff them. There's something rejuvenating about peppermint. And, they smell like Christmas!

That huge candle on my bathroom vanity -- the one with cinnamon sticks and red berries in it -- it has the best scent you can imagine. It smells like Christmas!

I decorate for all my senses. Our RV home is small. I have neither the room to display nor to store boxes and boxes of holiday decorations. I've learned to compensate by involving my senses of smell, taste, touch, and hearing as well as sight. Here are some hints and things I've learned about decorating a small home (but they will work for those of you with large homes, too) ...

~~ Read the rest of this article on the RV Life and Travel website.

~ Decorating for Christmas

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RV Life and Travel Tip

If you like flavored coffees and teas, use a couple drops of extract instead of the specialty beverage syrups. Extract bottles are small and take up very little space in your RV cupboard.

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New Article On

Gifts for RVers: What to Give Full-time RVers for Christmas, Birthdays, Etc.

Gifts for RVers … just what presents do you give when these nomadic folks? Here are ideas and gift suggestions for things we love to receive that the RVers on your shopping list may also appreciate.

RVers look at "things" with two thoughts in mind. Where will I put it? How much does it weigh? No matter how large the RV, space is limited. RVs have limited cargo carrying capacity, as well, which means if we have too much stuff the RV will weigh more than what is deemed safe.

~~ Read the rest of this article, including specific gift suggestions on the RV Life and Travel website.

~ Gifts for RVers

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~ Workers On Wheels

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RVing Tip

If you use checklists, tape them to the inside of cabinet or closet doors. That keeps them easily accessible, but out of sight.

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Your RV Life and Travel Questions Answered

RVers in Wheelchairs

~~ William writes: We are looking for info on RVing in / from a wheelchair. For us, a 5'er seems best. I have made plans for one, but have not found any real dependable info. Was hoping your reads could help. Thanks.

~~ I answered in part: I'll include your note in this week's RV Life and Travel E-zine. I'm sure we have wheelchair bound readers who can give you some advice or share some resources.

~~ Okay, RVers, please help William out by sharing with us. You may use the "Comment" feature on the website or email me.

~ RVers in Wheelchairs

~~ More RVing questions with my replies -- and add your comments.

~ Questions and answers about RVing.

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RVing Tip

Going to RV shows and looking at a wide variety of types, styles, and sizes of recreational vehicles is an excellent way to get ideas for small modifications you can make to your RV to make it more comfortable for full-time RVing.

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RV Life and Travel Blog

Be sure to check our blog frequently for website updates and between newsletter announcements. Bookmark it, or add it to your list of favorites.

~ RV Life and Travel Blog

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Positive RVing Attitudes

~ Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance - each beautiful, unique and too soon gone. ~ Deborah Whipp

~ Open your presents at Christmastime but be thankful year round for the gifts you receive. ~ Lorinda Ruth Lowen

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