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RV Life and Travel Newsletter #473 ~ March 8, 2012
March 10, 2012

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RV Life and Travel E-zine #473 ~ March 8, 2012

Life As We Live It ... on the road with Coleen and Bob

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Where In the World Are Coleen and Bob?
(And Just What Are They Doing?)

We're getting a new motorhome. Hold your "oohs" and "aahs" and congratulations until you hear more about it.

Does it look like spring where you are now? I'm getting some reports of beautiful blooming trees, tulips, and wild flowers from those of you RVing in the more southern states. We've had a couple of warmer days, but it's back below zero as I write this.

Still, I do have my own blooms to enjoy. Bob bought me flowers this week. And he reminded me of an article he wrote last spring about the wild flowers we saw between Texas and South Dakota.

Here's a link to that article for you:

~ Stop and Smell the Roses - God Doesn't Charge Admission

Wherever you are in your travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Watkins Summit Group Bus. Info

Start your Watkins business with me this month, with the WYH product kit, and get a free $40 Watkins gift certificate. We work while we RV and part of our income comes from my being an Independent Watkins Associate (ID #362289) within the Summit Group. You could be one, too.

~ Find out what we do with Watkins.

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New Article On

RV Renovation Comes to Life: Follow Along as We Repair and Remodel a Motorhome

RV renovation, repair, and remodeling are part of RVing for us. Whether we get a brand new RV or a new-to-us used RV, there are always things to fix or change in our travel trailer or motorhome.

I'll let Bob continue this story....

Last Sunday, I went over to friends to get our "new" motorhome. It isn't new, just new to Coleen and me. Our friends needed to be rid of it and offered it to us, at a price we didn't think we could pass up.

Let's set the scene: Alaska, winter, currently snowing, 14 inches of freshly fallen snow, currently snowing heavily, and a total accumulation about waist deep. The rig is parked 300 feet from the nearest electrical outlet. It is about 100 feet from the plowed, single lane driveway.

The first order of business in this RV renovation was to get the morohome running. It hadn't been run in three or four years. My first of many anticipated expenses was an engine battery, $111.00.

~~ Read the rest of this article on the RV Life and Travel website.

~ RV Renovation

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You don't need to be a computer whiz to have your own travel blog or website. You can keep your family and friends up to date on your travels, share pictures, interact with friends. And, if you are so inclined, you can make some money with it. An easy way to make your website or blog is with a website building program that takes care of all the background and techie stuff for you. I use and recommend SBI, which, by the way, is about to release an update that is going to make it even smoother and easier.

~ Have a look at SBI.

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RVing News

Good Sam Enterprises LLC (GSE) is relocating its executive headquarters from Ventura, Calif., to Lincolnshire, Ill. Good Sam chairman and CEO Marcus Lemonis made the announcement today. "Our Chicago facility provides a centralized location for all our vendors, lenders, and our nationwide Camping World SuperCenter network," said Lemonis in a press release. "Plus, it is closer to the heart of the RV industry in Elkhart, Indiana."

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Want to Know More About Working While RVing?

Subscribe to our Workers On Wheels E-zine. There's no cost.

~ Workers On Wheels

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Getting Started as Full-time RVers

How did we get started as full-time RVers? What things did we do to prepare for full-time RVing? Those seem to be the hot questions lately. These articles answer some of those questions.

Our First RV: That Little Winnebago Trailer Changed Our Lives Our first RV purchase was a surprise to Bob. It was back in the summer of 1991. I bought a 12-foot Winnebago travel trailer unbeknownst to him. I had no idea at the time how it would change our lives.

The Magic of Solar Panels: Bob's True Fairytale RVing and Photovoltaics Story Solar panels play a big part in our full-time RVing independence. Here's Bob's story -- written as a fairytale, but very true -- of how we became full-timers and how we started with a solar system.

Solar Panels: What Do I Really Need in a Photovoltaic System for RV Electricity? Solar panels and a photovoltaic system are amazing. Use them to maintain your batteries in the off-season, to supplement while occasionally boondocking, or for a full time stand-alone electric system.

Tools for the Road -- Bob's List of Tools and Related Supplies for the RV There are two things that I've never had too much of … fishing equipment and tools. When it comes to fixing, building, or remodeling something in the RV, I have what I need to get the project done.

Bob's Tools, Tips, and Thoughts on Needed RV Repair Supplies Tools and repair supplies are usually the first things we put into our RVs. You never know when you are going to have a mechanical breakdown or have something go wrong in the RV that needs fixing.

Emergency Road Service Membership Buys Peace of Mind and Saves Towing Expense Emergency road service - some say never go RVing without it, while others say it is a waste of money. Can you change your RV tires? Can you do minor RV repairs? What does a tow cost?

Auto Insurance Quotes - Yes, You Really May Save Hundreds on your Premium Ads for auto insurance quotes, you know the ones that say you could save if you switched companies, abound. Can you really save any money, or are all the RV and car insurance rates about the same?

Health Insurance Options for RVers for Affordable Health Care Coverage Health insurance is a much talked about issue for full-time RVers. Remember employee paid health coverage is still an option. And, there are private medical insurance policies and group plans.

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Positive RVing Attitudes

It's not the situation, but whether we react (negative) or respond (positive) to the situation that's important. ~ Zig Ziglar

Humans have the remarkable ability to get exactly what they must have. But there is a difference between a "must" and "want." ~ Jim Rohn

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