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RV Life and Travel Newsletter #486 ~ March 22, 2013
March 23, 2013

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RV Life and Travel E-zine #486 ~ March 22, 2013

Life As We Live It ... on the road with Coleen and Bob

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Where In the World Are Coleen and Bob?
(And Just What Are They Doing?)

Is looking back and reminiscing about what you did a year ago, two years ago, or 20 years ago a sign of aging? When Bob and I started full-time RVing, we were barely in our 30’s. Now, well… let’s just say we are older. In this issue I share with you some of the things we did in Marches past.

Wherever you are in your travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Poolside Pina Coladas, Shrimp Tacos on the Beach, and Room Service

A year ago today, Bob and I were vacationing in Cancun, Mexico. Instead of an RV park, it was one of those all-inclusive beachfront motel resorts. Everything we ate or drank while we were there, as well as all of the entertainment, was included in the deal.

It was pretty amazing. Champagne breakfasts. Poolside Asian dinners. Lounging at the beach and having waiters bring us cold cocktails – without even asking for them. Evening entertainment that included a contortionist circus and a tribute to Michael Jackson (it was a real hoot!). Perfect weather. Good friends. And, of course, authentic Mexican food.

What made the trip special beyond special? Two things. One was that we had just found out about my jaw problem and were scared about what lie ahead for us, and quite frankly, were wondering if it might be the last vacation we took together. The other is that we earned the trip as a reward in our Summit Group Watkins business. It would have been a fantastic trip regardless, but Watkins footing the bill made it all the sweeter.

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Port Mansfield, Texas

It seems we gravitate towards water. Two years ago, we were RVing in the fishing village of Port Mansfield, Texas. Read on to find out more…the sunset, the fishing, some good eating. And, yes, there are photos.

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Bayview R-V Park, a Peaceful Hide-a-Way for Fishermen and Wildlife Watchers

I love finding inexpensive, quiet campgrounds like this, where we share the park with local wildlife. The campground, as well as the community, is laid back this time of year. People are friendly. No one seems to be in much of hurry. Herds of white tail deer and flocks of wild turkeys roam through the town.

To read more go here.

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We Hesitated a Bit about Going to a Cantina for Breakfast

But, we were hungry! When we stay in a community for a few weeks, we invariable find a favorite restaurant. It's one that we're comfortable returning to day in and day out. It's about the feeling of being "at home" there, as much as it is about the food. In Port Isabel, it was Las Cabos. In Port Mansfield, it is El Jefe's.

See the rest of this article on our website.

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Fishing from a Pier Can be Inexpensive and a Lot of Fun for RVers

Bob shares some tips from finding free fishing piers to what he uses for bait. You can also see part of his catch. And, see what’s waiting for him to clean those fish.

You’ll find his articles and the pictures by going here.

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The Intrigue of This Restaurant Starts on the Outside

The building is shaped like a boat. At least that's what I've been told. To me, it's just an odd shaped building. The boating and fishing theme is definitely evident on the inside. You'll find great displays of antique fishing lures. Pictures of sailing ships and actual boat propellers decorate the walls. There are mounds of seashells. The salad bar? Served in a canoe! And, if you are a fisherman, you can take your fresh catch to the Windjammer and they will fry it for you.

Go to our website to read more.

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The Port Mansfield Sunset Radiates Brilliantly Behind the Palms

The Port Mansfield sunset is a fiery ball of brilliance. These pictures show our view from Bayview R-V Park. We're treated to this glowing scene most every evening.

To see the photos, go here.

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Sweet Gregory P's

Sweet Gregory P's is where you go for bar-b-que in Port Mansfield. Pulled pork, beef brisket, smokehouse sausage, ribs, and smoked ham was on the menu the day we stopped in for a late lunch. It’s good enough to have you drooling.

More info and pulled pork picture by going here.

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Frugal RVing Tip

Stay at campgrounds that are not advertised in the camping directories and tourist guidebooks. They often charge less because they don't have the high advertising expenses to cover. You can find them by watching for roadside signs, by looking for the parks themselves, by doing website searches, and by asking people in the community.

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20 Years Ago -- Completing Our First Winter as Full-time RVers

Twenty years ago today, we were in Arizona. We, along with numerous other RVers, were set up at a flea market in Peoria. We were just finishing up our first winter as full-time RVers. What a winter it was!

I don’t have pictures. I don’t have stories recorded about it anywhere except in my memory. But, oh, those memories!

The togetherness. The freedom. The adventure. The travel. The experiences that first winter formed the foundation that still has me hooked on full-time RV life and travel.

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Positive RVing Attitudes

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen Keller

You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again. ~ Bonnie Prudden

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