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RV Life and Travel Newsletter #487 ~ March 30, 2013
March 30, 2013

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RV Life and Travel E-zine #487 ~ March 30, 2013

Life As We Live It ... on the road with Coleen and Bob

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Where In the World Are Coleen and Bob?
(And Just What Are They Doing?)

Happy Easter! For us, Easter is a religious celebration. We hope that you are having a blessed Holy Week.

This week's issue features Bob answering RVers' questions about RVs and RVing, as well as some of the other articles he's written.

With Easter comes spring break and out-of-state RV travelers. While many may go south for spring break, we had a family from South Carolina stop in today to visit with us in Alaska. They were spending their holiday in a rental RV, touring the Kenai Peninsula.

Wherever you are in your travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,


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Improving Motorhome Ride and Handling

An RVer asks: Would replacing the shocks (air, Bilstein, etc?) help the ride and handling on my 1999 Holiday Rambler Vacationer? Also, I'm wondering about a stabilizer bar. Would that help?

Coleen's response: Bob went into overdrive with his answer. He provided some general info, shared an experience of what changes he made to one of our rigs (including where he bought the parts), and gave some tips for helping you have better driving control. And, he included this comment, "Your wife may feel she has to drive as fast as you do, or you may just make her nervous. My wife is a very good driver, just not when I'm in the passenger seat." Read his full answer on our RV Life and Travel website.

Improve Your MH Ride and Handling

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Cleaning the RV Toilet

An RVer asks: What type of toilet cleaners can safely be used in an RV?

Bob replies in part: That's a good question, because using the right products can prevent headaches later. We once bought a used travel trailer that was less than a year old. The previous owner had used the old fashion toilet cleaner crystals that fizzed and boiled. The use of that type of cleaner caused the plastic toilet bowl to be pitted and textured.

Read the Rest of Bob's Reply on the Website

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My Dog Has Fleas

In the last issue of the newsletter, we reminisced about our time in Port Mansfield, Texas, two winters ago. We really enjoyed that area, but alas, no place is perfect.

The one downfall we found there actually found us: fleas. Both our dog and our cat had the little buggers. In his article, Bob shares what our veterinarian advised and how we dealt with them.

Dealing with Fleas

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Your Electricity Costs Can be Low, Even with Metered Electric

Another article Bob wrote while we were in Port Mansfield has to do with the cost of electricity. He was spurred to write the article one day as he sat and watched the neighbor trying to cool the entire state of Texas with his motorhome air conditioner. It was at a park where the electricity was metered, so the neighbor was paying for what he used.

In his article, Bob shares tips for keeping your electricity costs down. He also compares the cost of electricity and propane. You may have heard about phantom loads, things such as gauges and idiot lights that use power 24/7, and Bob address them, as well, with a comment that some will find controversial.

Bob's Thoughts on the Cost of Electricity

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Little Giant Ladders

If you've ever been to the huge RV Super Show in Tampa, you know there are vendors there selling all sorts of things RV related (and some that aren't, as well). Some of the gadgets work slick when the guy is demonstrating them, but never seem to work that way once you get them back to the RV. Others prove to be good investments.

We bought a Little Giant Ladder at that show 15 or so years ago. Bob is still using it. He's still impressed with it. He wrote an article about why we both like it, even though he is the only one who has ever climbed it. The link below should take you to the article.

My Little Giant Ladder

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Bob's Articles

We have an entire section of articles on the website that Bob has written.

Read More of Bob's Articles

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Answering You RV Questions

We have an ever increasing archive of questions and answers about RVing on the website. Besides Bob and my replies, many of them include comments and helpful advice from other RVers who've shared their knowledge and experience.

RVing Questions and Replies

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Positive RVing Attitudes

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