Wyoming is home to towering mountains, breathtaking views, and other opportunities for exciting adventures. There is simply so much to see and do here that you may end up feeling like you can’t have enough of it.

Things to do in Cheyenne, Wyoming

1. Watch a rodeo

You will witness the world’s largest rodeo in Cheyenne during the Cheyenne Frontier Days celebrations. You can also watch parades and concerts, attend a carnival, or purchase art at an art show. Or you can simply visit the Old West Museum or walk through the incredible Indian Village.

2. Visit the Ames Monument

This monument is a historic site that is dedicated to the brothers who completed the country’s first transcontinental railroad. The railroad that was completed in 1869 connected virtually the entire nation by rail for the first time.

3. Try Rock climbing

You should consider visiting the Vedauwoo climbing area for a fun and exhilarating experience. The unique rock formations here are ideal for both first-time climbers and experienced climbers.

4. Go fishing

There are many fishing opportunities for you from the Laramie River to the various lakes. If you are new to fishing, you can book a guided fishing excursion.

5. Hike or ski at Grand Teton national park

This national park is all about skiing, elevation, and hiking. There are numerous trails with varying difficulty levels for you to choose from.

6. Visit the devil’s tower

You will see a historical landmark here. The devil’s tower rises from the earth just like a behemoth. It is the nation’s oldest national monument that was designated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.

Places to stay

Cody Koa holiday

It provides a free shuttle to Cody Nite Rodeo on summer nights. They also offer complementary pancakes in the morning. This is a perfect place for fueling after a day spent paddling or hiking.

Dubois / Wind River Koa journey

It is located 50 miles east of the mountainous park. It is a campground that provides a comfortable home base for people who are hiking or exploring in nearby areas. They offer a wide range of campground amenities.

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