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AK Canada Highway in May?

an RVer asks...
(Traveling the Alcan in the Spring)

Since you traveled the AK Canada Highway in the spring, how are the roads in May to get to Alaska? We would enter through Calgary, just above Montana. Are RV parks open?

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

Traveling the Alaska-Canadian Highway in May, you will likely find snow or construction -- or both. Expect there to be some bad spots. You'll find frost heaves and potholes.

However, it probably won't be nearly as bad as you've heard. I believe that most of the problems RVers have when driving the AlCan are caused by driving too fast and pushing too hard. Those who slow down and take it easy don't seem to have nearly as many problems.

That holds true, though, regardless of what time of year you travel it.

As for RV parks, you'll find them limited. Before Memorial Day weekend, I wouldn't bank on finding full-service campgrounds wherever you want them. Even after that, if you want to be sure to have full hook-ups, look ahead and plan your stops.

If you don't need full hook-ups, you have many more options. Even when we drove down last November, we found plenty of places to park for the night. They were safe and adequate for our needs, but not once did we have hook-ups.

I suggest that you aim to drive on the top half of your fuel tank. There can be long stretches with no services available. Depending on the size of your fuel tank and the miles per gallon you get, finding fuel stations along the Alaska Canada Highway will likely be more of an issue than finding campgrounds.

Alaska is a beautiful place with much to see and do. Have a great trip!

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Comments for AK Canada Highway in May?

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Driving a Converted Bus Through Canada to Alaska
by: mike

In the USA, if your bus is converted to mobile home you do not need a CDL or Class B license. We would like to go to Alaska, as well, but do we need a CDL or bus driver's license in Canada?

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

It is my understanding that if your bus is legally titled and licensed as a motorhome in the United States, and if you have the drivers license required to legally drive it in the U.S.A. that that license is adequate while you are driving through Canada.

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Go for It!
by: Hunsbergers

We've driven the Alaska Hwy in May several times in the last few years and had no problems. We entered though Montana, also. If there are frost heaves on the AlCan they are usually marked so you know to be extra cautious. We have had to deal with snow, coming down, not on the roads otherwise, on at least one occasion. We've had no problems finding open campgrounds, although some are still closed at that time. Be sure to stop in Watson Lake and see the "Signpost Forrest." There's a campground nearby with the most beautiful restrooms we've ever seen in a campground!

by: pat

Frist, great column; love all the stories.

Our first thing on our bucket list, when we can down here in the lower 48, is to run up to AK.

So what time of the year are the roads not under construction?

We are in the process of selling the house, and AK is the first on the list. We are getting ready now.

Thanks for the info,

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Alaska road construction season goes according to the weather. The season is so short, that as soon as it is decent to work on the roads, until it is too bad in the fall to work on them, you'll find construction. You'll also find the construction crews literally working day and night. Put another way, chances are that you'll be driving through either snow or construction.

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