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Auto Insurance Quotes - Yes, You Really May Save Hundreds on your Premium

Ads for auto insurance quotes, you know the ones that say you could save if you switched companies, abound. Can you really save any money, or are all the RV and car insurance rates about the same?

The Geico ad says you could save hundreds if you'd change to them from other companies. Then, the next ad is for Allstate or some company that was supposed to be higher, and they are saying that you can save hundreds by changing to their company.

What's the deal? It seems odd how each company could claim to be the least expensive, but I suspect it has to do with categories. One company is likely cheaper for some types of coverage, or in some areas. Another company is probably less for a different category of drivers, or for different vehicles.

The thing to note, though, is that, yes, you really can save money by getting auto insurance quotes from several companies. And, that includes insurance for your motorhome or other recreational vehicles.

Traditional wisdom was that you got the best deal if you stayed with one company a long time. But that's not necessarily true anymore. Some companies do give a discount for staying with them for a long time. They also tend to give discounts if you have multiple vehicles insured with them, if you've taken a defensive driving course, and if you anti-lock brakes. However, those discounts don't necessarily mean the coverage costs less than with a competing company.

We have regular car insurance on my motorhome, not special RV insurance. Around the time our premium was to come due, we received ads offering auto insurance quotes from several different companies. I made a few phone calls, and yes, it saved us a chunk of money.

I called one and didn't get very far. The customer service they gave during the phone call was terrible. I simply didn't want to give them our business. Another had higher rates.

Then, I called Geico. The customer service on the phone was excellent. The rates they quoted me were considerably less than what we had been paying. We switched to them. and, yes, it was a big savings. When it came time to renew, I paid the premium online, with no problem.

Interestingly, our previous coverage was with a company endorsed by at least one of the big RVing clubs. We'd been with them for over 10 years and never had a claim -- not even a broken windshield. So, even though you are insuring an RV, going through an RVing organization isn't necessarily the best deal.

Take a few minutes to get some of those free quotes for your insurance. It could be well worth your time.

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