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Bears! Mama Grizzly Bear and Her Yearling Cub Near Haines, Alaska

Bears! Seeing this mama grizzly bear and her cub were a real treat. This brown bear sow and yearling were foraging right along the highway, not far from Haines, Alaska.

We  passed them, then turned around to go back for pictures. I was concerned about holding up traffic. But, every other vehicle -- all of them an RV of some sort -- that came along also stopped to photograph these bears. We did pull off to the side of the road, so we weren't blocking traffic or creating a traffic hazard.

Bears Near Haines, AlaskaGrizzly Bears Near Haines, Alaska

I sometimes wonder how much wildlife we miss because we are looking too hard for it. This brownie and her yearling were right along the highway. I snapped this picture as we were moving. The focus isn't the best, but I'm including it so you have a better idea of how close these bears were to the road.

Large Grizzly BearMama Grizzly Bear Along the Highway Near Haines, AK

They stayed close to the highway for about 20 minutes. RV after RV stopped so people could watch them and take pictures. Although the RVers were interested in the bears, the bears didn't pay much attention to us.

Bears Near RoadBrown Bears Foraging Near the Road

Had someone gotten out of his vehicle, it may have been a different story. Thankfully, everyone had the good sense to stay inside. People respected these bears. The bears rewarded us by sticking around.

Brown Bear and CubThis Brown Bear and Her Cub Don't Pay Much Attention to RVers

I took these bear pictures with my phone camera, in June.

We didn't see much wildlife on our drive from Haines, Alaska, to Soldotna, Alaska. But, we sure enjoyed watching this mama grizzly bear and her cub.

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