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Becoming a Work Camper


My husband and I love to travel and are considering becoming work campers next year. When would be a good time to start looking for jobs for the next season? My husband has a home-based business. I will be graduating soon, to become a graphic/web designer, which I can take on the road, as well. Any other advice would be great. Thanks!

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

Do you mean a job at a campground? If so, the best time to look is when you are in the area where you want to work. Once you arrive in the area, you will be able to visit the various campgrounds and spend time at them. If you will have the opportunity to be in that area prior to when you want to start working there, it is fine to do some scouting then. Otherwise, I'd wait until you get there.

Others disagree with me. They think it is best to have a job lined up months ahead of time. Some go as far as to line up their next position a year in advance.

You can start looking now, at least to get some preliminary ideas of what is out there. Go to the "Job Listings" pages on Work for RVers and Campers. There you will find examples of job offerings. Remember though, that those ads offering what working RVers considered to be the best positions are no longer there -- they were removed when the position was filled.

You will find all sorts of information about working while RVing on our Workers On Wheels website. Some of it has to do with working at campgrounds and RV parks. However, there is also much there about running a business from your RV and about combining other types of work with your RV life and travel.

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