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Best Boon Docking Pull Trailer

(a prospective RVer asks...)

What is the best boon docking pull trailer? What should we look for in buying a pull trailer (lite and small) for boondocking?

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

I don't know that it is the best, but Bob and I have been very satisfied with our Wildwood by Forest River. We bought it with the intention of using it for a summer trip to Alaska. That was back in 2001. Since then, we've lived in it full-time for several years, including winters in Alaska. We are still using it, and it still has no major problems.

We originally bought our Wildwood because we didn't want to take our larger, heavier, and more elaborate Holiday Rambler trailer up the Al-Can Highway and back. We wanted something small and light, and the Wildwood fit the bill on that. It is shorter in length, shorter in overall height, narrower, and considerably lighter in weight than our Holiday Rambler.

When shopping for lighter and smaller trailers, we looked at what the local dealers carried. There were other brands available. The construction on the Wildwood was much better than what we saw on the others. It also had a higher cargo carrying capacity. Comparatively speaking, it was inexpensive.

We do a lot of boondocking. One of the first things I look for is the net cargo carrying capacity. We use our self-containment features. That means we need to be able to travel with our fresh water tank full. We also like to keep our propane tanks on the full side. There needs to be enough cargo capacity for extra batteries. All of these things are heavy.

Much of what makes a trailer suitable for extended boondocking are the aftermarket things that you add. We think a solar system is almost essential. A tankless water heater, propane catalytic safety heaters, and a macerator are also on my list of "most important" things to have when boondocking.

The quality and usability of recreational vehicles is not based on price.

Let me know what you get and how you like it.

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