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(Isle of Wight, UK)

My wife and I are considering booking a motorhome for three weeks. We would be picking it up from and returning it to Los Angeles. We are wanting to tour around the national parks. We do not have an itinerary and are hoping to follow our noses on an ad hoc basis.

We have been informed that we will need to book all our sites in advance. Is this true?

Also is it possible to wild camp?

Any advice is welcome.

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

Hi Mike,

No, it is not true that you need to book sites in advance.

The only time that I think you would need to have a camp site reservation is over holiday weekends. Even then, it probably is not necessary. But, campgrounds are usually much busier then and you might like the security of knowing you have a spot reserved.

I think you will have a much better time if you follow your plan to follow your noses! One of the greatest things about RVing is the freedom to come and go without a tight schedule.

You'll find campgrounds of all types. Some are resorts with more amenities than you can imagine. Others are primitive, where you'll have a place to park -- and maybe nothing else but peace, quiet, and wonderful scenery.

Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy your camping adventure in the USA!

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