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Cabin Fever

(Santa Fe, NM)

RV Livin'

RV Livin'

Is this really possible or will I be ready for the lunie bin by spring? This will be my first year RVing and living in one during the winter. How do I live in one in the winter? The Goverment is making me do this, LOL.

Coleen, the RVing editor:

Avoiding Cabin Fever

Hi Paula,

Living in the RV doesn't mean that you stay in it 24/7. You'll be leaving for work, shopping, recreational activities, social functions, running errands, etc.

A sure way to avoid the cooped up feeling of cabin fever is to get out and play. Socialize. Do something physical.

If you are staying in an RV park, they may have a full schedule of activities. If that's the case, you may find yourself in the park's recreation hall more than you do in your RV. Exercise classes, pot-luck dinners, dances, ice cream socials, game nights, special entertainment, craft classes, camper talent nights are all common. You may find the park has a sewing room, complete with sewing machine and notions. You may find it has a wood working shop, indoor pool, or game room. Most parks have a lending library or reading area.

RVers often go places together. Somebody in the park is probably organizing a day trip to a neighboring town. There's likely a group going for lunch together or to some local entertainment. Ask at the office to find out about these things.

If the RV park doesn't offer the activities you want you have a couple of choices.

One is to start them. Talk with the activities director or management. They will likely appreciate your help in organizing something.

Another option is to find things to do away from the RV park. Go to art galleries or flea markets. Take an adult ed class. Volunteer at the local hospital, food bank, or animal shelter. Join a civic or social group that meets in your area.

You'll likely find yourself too busy to feel isolated and shut-in.

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Housing is Screwy
by: amy

I am on SSI and I only make so much a month and all the houses and apartments I looked at they said I had to make two times the rent which is $1600 a month. No one on minimum wage makes that. So I'm doing the RV thing. It's a roof over my head and it works.

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