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Cajun Jam Sessions - The 10-Button Cajun Accordion Takes Center Stage

Bob Nilles - RVing in Cajun Country
(Cajun Jam Sessions at Touchet's and the Erath Museum Cafe)

Calvin Touchet's - Maurice, LA

Calvin Touchet's - Maurice, LA

The 10-button Cajun accordion takes center stage and the music flows at Saturday jam sessions. One of the great things about south Louisiana Cajun Country is their music. Cajun music is unique and special. We enjoy it whenever our RV life and travels take us to Cajun country.

Cajun jam sessions welcome young and old. A weathered, seasoned, smiling old gentleman. A 20-something, pretty, young babe. A 9-year old child. The music coming from a 10-button Cajun accordion mesmerizes you. Watch their nimble fingers press the keys as they squeeze the bellows back and forth.

Other musicians with other instruments join in. You might hear a bass play a strong background beat. They may strum and pick differently than you've ever heard. The guitar may be a $59 acoustical. Or, a high-dollar electric, tricked out with gadgets that are one of a kind. There may be a steel guitar, or a keyboard. There will likely be drums, and maybe some brass.

While there are countless professional bands in Cajun Country, a Cajun jam session will let you hear real, unplanned music, from local musicians. You may never get a chance to hear them play anywhere else. Some of these musicians have had, or been part of, a professional band in the past. But for others, the jam sessions are the closest thing to a professional performance they will ever see.

You never know who will be at the jam session or what they will play. We went to jam sessions in two towns and heard some of the same musicians playing at both. Everyone is welcome to come up and play. If you don't have your instrument, someone will likely lend you one. If you aren't sure how, or what, someone will help you. In between songs you may hear from the stage, "I don't know that," or "I don't want to do that," but in a moment there will be music flowing again.

And there will be singing. I assume it is French Acadian, but I can't understand the words.

I can understand it is some of the prettiest music I've ever heard.

If you're traveling in southern Louisiana, you really need to experience what the area has to offer -- good food, good people, and good music.

While staying in Abbeville, at Bettie's RV Park we experienced Cajun music at the Museum Cafe in Erath, LA, and Touchet's (2 Checks) in Maurice, LA. Jam sessions alternate Saturdays at the two venues.

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