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Camping and RVing with Dogs:
How-to Book and Pet Friendly Campground Guide

Camping and RVing with Dogs is a how-to book and campground guide written especially for RVers and campers with dogs. The tips, advice, and general information applies to travelers in recreational vehicles and tent campers.

You wonder what kinds of problems you will find traveling and camping with your pets. More acutely, you wonder how you will deal with those problems. Camping and RVing with Dogs can ease your apprehensions.

The book sets out to give you peace of mind before you start RVing with your pets. It includes a checklist of things you need to take along. It offers suggestions for everyday things, such as suggestions for where to put the food dish and how to store extra dog chow.

It also covers the things your probably hadn’t thought about. How about the dangers of taking your dog to the desert? Yes, you know to have plenty of water for pooch. But, have you thought about the stickers? How would you get them out of your dog’s feet? And, what would you do if, despite your efforts, your dog does suffer from heat stress?

Subtitled, The Ultimate Guide to Hitting the Open Road and Finding Adventure with Your Dogs, the book is written by Jack and Julee Meltzer. The Meltzers are full-time RVers. They live and travel with two German Shepards and three cats.

The book is a compelling read for anyone who loves dogs – or is about to travel with a dog lover. The information is practical and useful.

It gives advice on what to do so you won’t lose your dog. And, then, it tells you what to do just in case your favorite canine gets loose anyway. And, that is how it deals with many common pet travel scenarios: planning and prevention, followed by what to do if the emergency or problem happens anyway.

I’ve been a dog owner for 40-some years and I’ve been a full time RVer with a dog for over a decade. Yet, I found the medical section informative, with practical advice that I hadn’t thought about.

I think this book could have been more aptly named, Traveling and Living with Pets. Every dog owner could benefit from knowing how to help a choking dog. Vacationers with cats staying in motels need the wallet card. Fires, poisonings, and ticks don’t just affect dogs on the road.

Camping and RVing with Dogs includes an extensive listing of pet friendly campgrounds. They are arranged alphabetically by state. Especially noteworthy is the fact that the Meltzers do not consider every park that accepts dogs as pet-friendly. They do not consider parks with weight, breed, or number of pet restrictions as completely pet friendly.

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