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Camping Partner

(Guy writes...)

I'm looking for a camping partner. I'm looking for someone to split expenses with me for RVing. I'm retired and bored. Please help.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Guy,

There are several RV and camping clubs just for single RVers. They aren't match making clubs. They should, however, help you meet other single RVers. More importantly, they'll provide camaraderie and things to do. I think a couple of them have some pretty busy activity schedules.

I suggest that instead of looking for a partner to cure your boredom that you do it the other way around. Get busy participating in activities and you will meet people. One of them could turn into an RVing partner for you.

To cut your RVing expenses, how about finding a destination RV park where you stay for at least a couple of months? Monthly rates are usually less than daily or weekly rates -- sometimes much less. While you are at the park, get involved.

Take part in whatever activities the park offers. Go to those potlucks and mingle. Go down to the rec hall on game night and camper talent night. Spend some time in the rec hall putting together a puzzle or just visiting with people. Sign up for the classes or day trips they offer. Volunteer to help out. You will meet people. And, until you meet the right person, you'll be too busy to be bored.

You might even consider coming out of retirement and getting a short-term job.

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