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Camping Tips – Assorted Hints to Make Camping Even Better

Camping tips -- the little things that make RVing and camping go more smoothly, be more fun, and cost less money. These hints can all be used by RV campers -- and some by tent campers, too.

Be a Considerate Camper -- Keep Off Other Occupied RV Sites

Use sidewalks and established walkways, or the edge of the roads, to get from one place to another within the campground. Do not take short-cuts across another camper's site. Similarly, your kids should play on the site you rented, not on your neighbor's site.


Frugal Cold Drinks

Partially (about two-thirds) fill plastic bottles or glasses with tea, lemonade, coffee, or juice and freeze them. On travel days, take one from the freezer, finish filling it, and you have a cold beverage for much of the day. Sure beats buying cold drinks at convenience store prices. It also eliminates the need to open your refrigerator or cooler, helping to keep things there cold.


Unadvertised Campgrounds May Be Best Bargain

Stay at campgrounds that are not advertised in the camping directories and tourist guidebooks. They often charge less because they don't have the high advertising expenses to cover. You can find them by watching for roadside signs, by looking for the parks themselves, and by asking people in the community.


Built In Bulletin Board

Turn your RV refrigerator into a message center and photo display. Replace the standard door panels with sheets of thin cork from regular bulletin boards. You can then use push pins to post photos, notes, reminder lists, etc.


Disposable Wash Cloths

Disposable washcloths are great in an RV. These are the kind made for medical patients or others who cannot get into a shower or bathtub. One brand is Attends. They are similar to baby wipes or wet wipes, but bigger and stronger. I use them for all sorts of things from a "sponge bath" to quick housekeeping tasks. If your RVing involves picnics or eating outside, they are better than napkins. We travel with water and we do use our shower. But, if we are boondocking and want to be extra conservative with water, or if we are just in a hurry, the disposable wash cloths fill the bill.


Twice the Savings on Camping Costs

Double up on savings by staying longer in one campground. First off, you save because you don't spend gas driving to another location. And, secondly, many campgrounds have a discounted rate if you stay a certain number of days.


Be Careful Up There

Don't walk on the roof of your RV unless you know where it is safe to do so. You can damage the roof if you step in the wrong spot.


Gourmet Camping Coffee

You can have gourmet coffee while camping. Just sprinkle a little cinnamon in with the coffee grounds. It will give it a wonderful, gourmet flavor, without being sickeningly sweet. You don't need to measure exactly, but use about an eight to a quarter of a teaspoon of the cinnamon.


What are your favorite camping tips? Email them to me and we'll share them with your fellow campers.


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