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Caretakers Are Part of Our Home Security While We Are RVing

Property caretakers are helping us keep our home in Alaska safe while we are RVing in the lower 48 this winter. We also use other home security methods.

"What about your place in AK? Do you have someone watching it?"

My response…

For those of you who may not know, Bob and I have a home-base in Alaska. We have a cabin there, suitable for year round living. We have a shop so that Bob has a place to work on his projects. We also own a secondhand store that is on the property.

Yes, we have people watching our place while we are gone.

When we leave for a day or longer, we give our neighbor across the street a call and let him know we are leaving. When he goes somewhere, he does the same. We keep a close eye out for suspicious activity on each other's homes.

Because this is an extended trip, we took additional measures, also. We have another couple caretaking. They have watched our place for us before while we were gone. They are friends. They also have considerable property caretaking experience.

We also made arrangements with a construction company that does snow removal and yard work. Those watching our home know they can call them if something needs to be done.

For those areas that won't need water while we are gone, Bob turned the water off. He drained the pipes and added anti-freeze, so we don't need to worry about them freezing.

We have other security measures in place. Because the world has access to our website, I really can't say what they are. Property caretakers, extra eyes, a home security system...

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