Brownies of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter brownies are the kind of dish that takes your standard and typical brownies to the next level. Essentially, what you do is add a few energy-inducing mix-ins to the brownies that you are used to. You should give peanut butter brownies a trial when you are going on a camping trip.
What you need

Half a cup of salted peanuts
A piece of egg
Half a cup of peanut butter …

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Camping Recipes Ideas for You if You Don’t Like to Cook

Not everyone is big on cooking. Yet you might still want the thrill of cooking when camping. Okay, sometimes when you are camping you don’t have a choice but to make your meal. 
Don’t worry though, there are some simple recipes that will make cooking easy for you. All you will need is a little planning and preparation. 
For breakfast
You can easily make yourself mixed …

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How to Cook Food Over a Campfire

One of the best joys of a camping trip is gathering around as a family to cook your meals over a campfire. It feels so natural to cook and eat around a fire. Whether or not you have ever cooked on a fire pit before, you can do it. 
In the sections below, you will read everything you need to know in order to cook over a fire; from the right campfire, and cookware to fire pit cooking tips.
Open fore cookware…

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