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Class B Motorhomes

We're thinking a Class B motorhome might be our next recreational vehicle. We don't have camper van experience. What brand of Class B do you have and like? What recommendations can you give us? What should we look for? I think we are interested in a true Class B, not a conversion van.

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by: Bob. R.

My recommendation (for a pure Class B van) is: Pleasure-Way. In my opinion, the livability factor outshines all the rest.

Roadtrek, Roadtrek, Roadtrek
by: Anonymous

What more can I say?

If you want quality, it is the only answer -- in my humble opinion, of course. We love ours.

We Love Our Airstream
by: Airstream Loving RVer

We have an older Airstream class B and think it is great. I like the floor plan. I like the quality. I like that I bought it used and didn't have to pay a fortune for it.

If you are downsizing from a large class A, or even a long class C, you will love how easy it is to drive a class B. No more worry about tight turns and getting around the gas pumps at filling stations.

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