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Cleaning the RV Toilet

an RVer asks....
(Using the Wrong Toilet Bowl Cleaner Creates Problems)

I have a question about cleaning the toilet in our recreational vehicle. It's a fifth-wheel trailer. What type of toilet cleaners can safely be used in an RV?

Bob, the RVing editor's husband replies:

That's a good question, because using the right products can prevent headaches later. We once bought a used travel trailer that was less than a year old. The previous owner had used the old fashion toilet cleaner crystals that fizzed and boiled. The use of that type of cleaner caused the plastic toilet bowl to be pitted and textured. That made it very difficult to clean. It also deteriorated the gasket seal in the main slide valve, causing it to leak. I had to replace the toilet shortly after we bought the trailer.

Now, I always use Watkins Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It's made from natural ingredients and doesn't have any harsh chemicals. This is safe for your plastic RV toilet bowl, black water piping, RV holding tank, and the septic system at the campground.

I'm sure there are many other products out there, but this is what we use, and it works well for us.

I hope this helps you keep your RV toilet clean and in good condition.

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