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Cold Weather RVing: Winter RVing In Freezing Temperatures

Cold weather RVing requires preparation. Much of it has to do with the RV or camping unit. However, the mind-set of the RVer is nearly as important. We find the joys of RVing and camping in freezing temperatures outweigh the problems.

It's mid October and I'm living in a motorhome in Alaska.

When I recently told someone I was staying here for the winter, she asked the obvious question. She wanted to know why we don't take the motorhome south. South to some place warm, such as the typical snowbird states – Arizona, Texas, or Florida.

We've wintered in those states. And thoroughly enjoyed it.

We also have cold weather RVing experience. We spent one winter living in our travel trailer the Black Hills of South Dakota. We've RVed through ice storms in Oklahoma. This will be our fifth winter in Alaska. (I'm writing this in 2005.)

We've had frost and had to scrape ice off the windshields. Yesterday, we drove in freezing slop. Friends in southern Georgia asked us to come and spend the next few months with them. Yesterday, that invitation seemed mighty appealing.

This morning I walked outside into a winter wonderland!

The view was spectacular. Glistening snow thickly frosted last week's barren trees. It looked as though Mother Nature had spread dollops of fluffy whipped topping on the spruce branches.

Once again, I looked around in awe – and knew at least one of the reasons we enjoy cold weather RVing.

RVing and camping when the temps drop below freezing -- and then below zero -- takes some planning. Because we've wintered in several RVs, several places, and under varied circumstances, we've found a variety of ways to make it not only doable, but comfortable.

On other pages in this section, I'll share with you more about the joys and tribulations of winter RVing in freezing temperatures. I'll also explain how we deal with water and septic, heating, and other RV systems.

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