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Conquering the Shoulds

Your RV Life and Travel Editor, Coleen
(RV Repairs and Getting Rid of the Shoulds in Vermillion, South Dakota)

Our Lazy-Daze Motorhome at Lions Park Campground

Our Lazy-Daze Motorhome at Lions Park Campground

RV living is a flexible life. Freedom! Traveling, coming and going on our schedule -- or no schedule. For us, there's mostly no clock watching. And for us, it is not having to punch a time card. Those are good things, most of the time.

It is easy to get lax. It's easy to put off doing things that need doing. Things do still need doing. After all, we are RV living -- not RV vacationing.

Today is a good day. A good day to start good habits. I'm most productive first thing in the morning. So, with a steaming hot coffee here I am, resolved to actually write blog updates instead of merely saying, "I should."

By the way, yesterday was "National Get Rid of Your Shoulds Day." What better way to get rid of them than to do them!

We are at the Lions Park Campground in Vermillion, SD. You can read my review of it .

One of those things that we need to keep up with is RV maintenance and repair. Something was wrong with our motorhome power steering. We had a leak. Bob replaced the seals, which solved the problem temporarily. But, it wasn't long before the leak was back -- and worse. Bob decided the entire power steering shaft needed replacing, something he didn't have the tools to do. read our review of Henderson Exhaust Plus.

While Bob was getting the motorhome fixed, I hung out at the deli in the Hy-Vee grocery store across the street. It had free wi-fi! And, there were electrical outlets along the wall so that I could plug in my computer to keep it charged. When the motorhome was fixed, Bob joined me for Hy-Vee's salad bar lunch. After that, we did some grocery shopping before heading back to the campground

One of the best ways for me to beat "the shoulds" is to have a list. The trick to it, though, is to keep it a SHORT priorities list. I have a master "To Do" list that is pages long, filled with things that I know I will never do (but would like to do, or that would be good to do) as well as important tasks. Each day, if I choose four or five things from that long list, and make them my priorities for the day, I actually do them.

Wherever you are in your RV life and travels, we wish you joy and prosperity,

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