One of the best joys of a camping trip is gathering around as a family to cook your meals over a campfire. It feels so natural to cook and eat around a fire. Whether or not you have ever cooked on a fire pit before, you can do it. 

In the sections below, you will read everything you need to know in order to cook over a fire; from the right campfire, and cookware to fire pit cooking tips.

Open fore cookware

 It is important to note that you will need cast-iron cooking equipment. Other common materials for campfire cookware are aluminum, steel, and wrought iron.

  1.       Cooking surfaces- You can bring different cooking surfaces including a grill grate, rotisserie grill, pit, dutch oven stand, and cast-iron cooking tripod.
  2.       Pots and pans- You will also need your pots and pans which can include; a skillet, cast-iron dutch oven, cast iron grill, and griddle
  3.       And you will also need utensils to complete your food process.

Campfire cooking tips

1. Choose the right cooking method

It is important that you decide on the most convenient method to cook your food in a camp. The method you choose will depend on the type of food that you are cooking and the size of your family.

2. Understand food safety

In order to prevent getting ill or having food poisoning when camping, it is important that you know food safety.

3. Do the preparation at home

It will be much easier to do some cooking preparation such as cutting pepper and onions in your kitchen when you are at home than when you are at the campsite.

4. Start early

When you want to cook, it is important that you get your fire started early, maybe an hour before when you will start cooking. This will allow the flames to die down and coals to get hot.

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