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Cost Cutting RV Tips

(Share Your Frugal RVing Secrets)

What tips do you have for cutting the cost of RVing? How do you use your RV to save money on vacation? What frugal tips can you share to help your fellow RVers be able to afford to get out there on the open roads?

Read the tips that have already been shared, then hit the "Comment" button and share your tips.

Comments for Cost Cutting RV Tips

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Never Pass by a Visitor's Center
by: Anonymous

We always stop at every visitor's center that we can. They have the best freebies! Maps, coupon booklets, and campground brochures to name a few. Some even have free juice or coffee and cookies!!

Free WiFi at Rest Areas
by: Linda

We get free wifi at rest areas. All the rest areas in Texas have it. It's available in other states, too. It doesn't cost anything to pull in and check to see if they do or not.

Drive Slower!
by: Suzy and Mark

We spend less on gas because we slowed down and now drive the speed limit. You wouldn't think this would make much difference, but it does.

Cheap Luggage
by: Anonymous

I use doubled brown grocery bags to pack all of my stuff when picking up a rental RV. The bags can be folded and stowed in very little space when empty.

Longer Stays in Nne Spot
by: Anonymous

Instead of only staying a couple days in one area, if you can, stay a week or even a month, as campground fees are cheaper by the week and month.

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