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Cost for Full-time RVing

(Mike R. asks....)

What does it cost for full-time RVing? Filled with wanderlust, we're considering the full-time RV lifestyle. However, since most of our outings have been weekend camping trips, we know virtually nothing about it. Therefore, we have lots and lots of questions. As a start, assuming we have a trailer and a truck, on average what does it cost per month to live this lifestyle (we have limited financial resources)?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Mike,

It can cost less than it does to live in a traditional home or apartment. That was how it was for us our first years of full-time RV life and travel. We spent less in every budget category than we did when we owned a regular house, including fuel.

I've heard of full-time RVers who live on $600 - $800 a month. I wouldn't want to do it. That's not typical. But, they've worked out ways to get free RV space, they don't travel every day, and they don't spend much on entertainment. These folks claim to be happy, and I believe them, because they've learned to enjoy the simpler things in life.

On the other hand, some RVers spend more than twice that amount a month just on campground fees. Again, that's far from typical. You can imagine that they also have expensive pastimes.

The cost for full-time RVing is very flexible. Many of your expenses that are fixed in a regular home are variable when full-timing. You can work at a campground a few hours a week in exchange for a campsite, so you have no campground costs or utility costs. Parking where you work (at a campground or elsewhere) means you don't have commuter charges. Or, you can pay to stay in an expense RV resort. You can travel often for long distances, or move less seldom. Entertainment can be enjoying what is offered free at the campground and in the community. Or, you can golf at elite country clubs and go on fishing charters that cost a couple hundred dollars a day. When you add the cost of your recreational vehicle to the mix, there again, huge differences in what that can cost.

If you decide you are going to do it, you can enjoy full-time RVing on pretty much whatever income or financial resources you have.

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Comments for Cost for Full-time RVing

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Low Cost Fulltimimg
by: Anonymous

All that Coleen said is true. Also, remember, no property taxes, HOA fees, etc., the list goes on. If your vehicle, and RV are paid for before traveling, the costs are even less. Lots of RV parks will let you just work in exchange for full hook ups with no pay. The time on duty is usually 20 hours per week, and the rest of the time is yours. Enjoy the lifestyle!

Dreaming of the Day
by: Anonymous

So it IS possible that my husband and I could retire to the RV life... on $1800 month... that is once we find a suitable RV. I am dreaming of the day.

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