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Credit Checks for Campgrounds

(An RVer writes...)

We are running into some issues about hitting the road. The problem is that most of the nice campgrounds around San Diego want to be paid the month that we'd be staying. If we want to stay more than a month, we have to fill out a credit report. If we want to stay longer, we have to pay a deposit and that depends on our credit score.

This does not make sense to me. Nor does the fact that they want the information on where and how I get my disability. I do not feel this is any of their business.

Seams like that most of these campgrounds are trying to make it difficult for travelers. Most will not take cash, but will accept a card.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

The situation you describe is normal for renting, regardless of house, apartment, or long-term site for parking your recreational vehicle. Landlords need their rent to make their payments and stay in business. Unfortunately, they've been ripped off so many times that they now require to be paid up front, along with requiring credit checks and deposits.

Staying at a campground for a few nights is similar to staying at hotel. They usually want a credit or debit card to guarantee payment. They normally don't run credit checks for campground or motel stays if you are only staying for a short time.

Sometimes people who don't qualify for a regular credit card can get a secured card. It takes care of those situations where they don't accept cash or checks.

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