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Dandelion Wine, Full-time RVing, and Being True to Yourself

The view out my motorhome window today is a lush, back yard field of green, profusely dotted with bright yellow flowers. I happen to like dandelions. Mainly, it is because of their cheerful color.

Dandelions are nutritional power houses. They purportedly have all sorts of medicinal benefits. And, then, there's dandelion wine! Still, I know not everyone shares my fondness for them.

Bob and I sold our traditional house and headed out to be full-time RVers over 20 years ago. Living full-time in the RV soon became our routine way of life. RV living feels completely natural and normal. It feels like home.It is home.

When we told my mother we were going to live in an RV and travel, she was horrified. To this day, she neither accepts nor respects our choice. She still goes out of her way to discourage us from traveling and experiencing life in various areas of the country.

We spent nine consecutive winters in Alaska. Many of them were in an RV.

I told Mother we were thinking of going to the Rio Grande Valley for the winter and possibly setting up a winter home base there. For weeks after that, every time we talked on the phone -- and she's one of those people who likes to call every day -- she had another reason why we shouldn't do it. She couldn't fathom why we would want to do such a thing.

Whether a healthy dandelion crop or RV living, people's opinions run strongly. Whichever your stance, you will find people against it. People who you think would support you, not only disagree with you, but will try to thwart you or even sabotage your decision.

RVing makes me happy! It excites me, and yet at the same time, it relaxes me. It gets my creative juices flowing. It ignites a passion. It's good for my heart. Sometimes, RVing makes me feel downright giddy!

Just like a good bottle of dandelion wine.

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