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Dollywood Restaurants: Places to Eat at Dollywood Theme Park

Dollywood restaurants and food stops, oh my! Meatloaf stackers, cotton candy, fried green tomatoes, ice cream, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, caramel apples, beans and greens…. Snack shacks to buffets, sit down dinners to something-on-a-stick, bustling bakery to 50's diner, it's there. You could spend your entire day at Dollywood just sampling all the delicious fare.

Places to Eat at Dollywood Theme Park

We haven't eaten at all of the eateries at Dollywood. But, we've sampled quite a few! Keep in mind that Dollywood is full of tourists, folks on vacations, and grandparents spoiling their grand kids.

Dollywood's Miss Lillian's Smokehouse and Fried Chicken
Miss Lillian's is an all your care to eat buffet. The night we were there, the meats were fried chicken, smoked chicken, smoked sausage (my favorite!), and beef brisket. The buffet includes a variety of southern home-style side dishes, salads, fresh biscuits, dessert, and drinks. After walking miles around the park, it was great to sit down, inside, and linger over a hot meal.

Berry Cobbler and Ice Cream at Granny Ogle's Ham n' Beans at DollywoodBerry Cobbler and Ice Cream at Granny Ogle's Ham n' Beans at Dollywood (with the Remaining Cornbread Crumbs on the Napkin)

Granny Ogle's Ham n' Beans at Dollywood
At Granny Ogle's Ham n' Beans, the dining experience starts with a cast-iron skillet of warm cornbread. They bring the cornbread to your table, even before taking your order. If we had been hungrier, we would have tried the meatloaf stacker, BBQ meats, or shepherd's pie -- checking out what other diners had, they all looked very good. But, we were there for dessert. Bob had a slice of old-fashioned chocolate cake with ice cream. I had a freshly baked berry cobbler with ice cream.

Dollywood's Aunt Granny's All-You-Care-To-Eat Buffet   
Aunt Granny's buffet caters to kids. Chicken, fish sticks, hot dogs, and taco filling were the meat choices the day we ate there. Side dishes were kid-friendly, too, such as noodles and macaroni and cheese. And, yes, you can end the meal with a soft-serve ice cream cone!

Steak Sandwich at Dollywood's Market Square Big SkilletThe Steak Sandwich at Dollywood's Market Square Big Skillet Was a Basket Full, and Came with Potato Chips

Dollywood's Market Square Big Skillet® Steak Sandwiches
Market Square Big Skillet® Steak Sandwiches is one of the outdoor eateries. You can watch them cooking up big batches of onions and peppers, and of the steak mixture. Watching was half the fun! The cook piles the meat and toppings onto a large bun, suitable for two to share. We enjoyed this so much that we could have happily eaten there on our return visit to Dollywood, but we watched, took in the great aromas, and then patronized the next booth so we could tell you about it!

Dollywood's Festivals 2
Fried green tomatoes. Fried green tomatoes on a fried bologna sandwich. Fried green tomatoes on a bacon sandwich. I don't know if it is a year round offering or a seasonal specialty. But, when we were there during the Harvest Festival, fried green tomatoes were the star of the Dollywood Festivals 2 food stand. They hand bread them and fry them up crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, as you watch. The sandwich was generous, and served with potatoes.

Dollywood's Fried Green Tomatoes and Bologna SandwichThis is Half of a Fried Green Tomatoes and Fried Bologna Sandwich at Dollywood -- It was Big Enough to Share

Dollywood's Festivals 3
Cooks working this outdoor food stand scrambled up huge skillets of sliced sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, sausages, onions, and peppers. They then filled large pans and toted the ready-to-eat combination to a nearby sales booth, where other staff took orders and dished up bowls of the mixture. This may be a seasonal offering; it was available during the fall harvest festival.

Dollywood Dogs and Taters

Corndogs. Hotdogs. Curled potato fries. Beverages. I think that's the entire menu at the Dogs & Taters food stand. It is located close to one of the outdoor theaters. We were seated at the theater, waiting for the show to begin. Some people with baskets of food showed up and sat a few rows over. Bob and I looked at one another, and at the same time commented that those French fries sure smelled good. We picked up a corndog and tater basket after the show. The fries were hot and crisp, and tasted as good as they smelled.

Dollywood Sweet Shoppe
Ice cream and candy! Step into the Dollywood Sweet Shoppe and watch them roll the fresh waffle cones, dip the caramel apples, and stretch the taffy. The orange cream fudge and the dark chocolate bear claws are heavenly!

Red’s Drive-In at Dollywood
Burgers. Fries. Shakes. Served in a 50's style diner, with inside or outside seating. Hamburger toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions, and pickles) and condiments are on a help-yourself bar. If your timing is right, you may catch some live music near the diner.

The Pines Theater at Dollywood
Not a restaurant, really, but a snack bar inside the Pines Theater. It's convenient for when you get there early and want something to nibble on before the show starts.. I thought the large, soft and chewy, sprinkled with coarse salt, and with cheese sauce for dipping looked good. But, Bob was in the mood for a sweet snack. So, we chose the glazed pecans. I'm not sure how the pretzel would have been, but the nuts were sweet, crunchy, and warm -- delicious.

The Grist Mill at Dollywood
Huge cookies. Really huge cookies. And, loaves of pull-a-part, sticky, cinnamon bread. The loaves of cinnamon bread are the stars. They serve them warm, while they are still a little gooey. Grab and extra napkin, and enjoy!

Dollywood Spotlight Bakery & Sandwich Shop
Walk in the main entrance to the park, turn to your right, and there it is -- the Spotlight Bakery. If you skipped breakfast, you can grab sweet rolls to get your day at Dollywood started.

Dollywood Crossroads Funnel Cakes
You can get Crossroads Funnel Cakes with a variety of toppings. They are huge and people seemed to be enjoying them. We stopped by this food booth in the afternoon for ice cream. My root beer float hit the spot, and Bob was particularly pleased with his strawberry parfait.

Dollywood restaurants open and close at various times of the day. Not all of them are open every day. They may open seasonally or have a seasonal menu. The ones listed here are the ones we patronized. There are many other places in the park to get snacks, drinks, and meals.

I think Dollywood has an official policy indicating that visitors are not to bring food and drinks into the park.           
Dollywood Theme Park
2700 Dollywood Parks Blvd.
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

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