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Domicile Information

(An RVer asks...)

How do I determine what the State of Kansas considers to be a citizen for tax purposes? I am considering spending a lot of time RVing in Texas, but will own a home in Kansas because of the real estate market.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

Residency requirements differ from state to state. You might start by looking at the official Kansas state website to see what information you can find there.

Some of it has to do with objective factors. Some of it has to do with your intent.

The requirements also vary according to the purpose. For instance what qualifies you as a resident for tax purposes is likely different than what qualifies you for in-state college tuition or a resident fishing license.

To add to the confusion and complexity, residence, citizenship, and domicile are sometimes used interchangeably, but they don't mean the same thing.

Talk to your accountant and or your attorney. Tax issues are complex. You'll find a lot of wrong information floating around on message boards and in website articles. Much of it is put out by well meaning folks, but it is still wrong. Get the advice of a professional.

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