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Eagles In Homer, Alaska

Coleen, your RVing editor while in Alaska
(Eagles on the Homer Spit on Kachemak Bay)

Eagle at the Homer Fishing Hole

Eagle at the Homer Fishing Hole

Eagles.... We see them often. But, they never cease to catch our attention. Homer is an excellent place for eagle viewing.

I took these eagle pictures in Homer. We were staying at the Homer city campground. The campground is adjacent to the fishing hole. On the other side of the campground is the small boat harbor.

You may have heard of "The Eagle Lady," Jean Keene. She worked at one of the fish processing plants and started feeding waste fish to the eagles wintering near her trailer home on the Homer Spit. At first, there were a pair of eagles. More came. Her feeding operation continued, until she was regularly feeding 500 pounds of fish to hundreds of eagles. Jean Keene passed away January 13, 2009, at the age of 85. The City of Homer allowed her friends to feed the birds over the winter, and then banned feeding them. If you go to Homer during the winter, you'll still likely see American Bald Eagles along the Spit, near where Keene lived. However, there are no longer hundreds of them, eagerly waiting for the delivery of their next meal.

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