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Hints for Easier RV Living: Four Handy, Practical RVing Tips We Use Everyday

Easier RV living…isn't that what we all want? Here are four tips that we use every day in our motorhome. They solve little, but annoying problems, and help us keep an RV home neat and organized.

Hints to Make Your RV Living Easier

Here are just a few of the things Coleen and I do, to make our life in a small RV a little easier. I think you'll find them useful, too.

1. Organize your storage areas. Find tubs, totes, or bins to fit in your closets and outside compartments. Organize items by similar category, or by things that you typically use together. You can remove the container for easy access to items that would otherwise be in the far reaches of the closet or compartment. Everyone has his favorite brand of tubs or totes, but check different brands for a better fit. Bonus tip: Square and rectangular containers with straight sides help make the most of your space.

2. Hang it up! I'm not talking only about your jacket that you take off when you come in the door and automatically hang on the nearby hook. You can hang lots of frequently used items where they will be handy for use. We have our coffee mugs hanging by the coffee pot. We mounted two substantial, but nice looking, hooks for the cups on the wall next to the stove. We don’t have to open a cupboard to get them. This also frees up space in our cupboard for other items. We have been on some very rough roads, and never had a problem with them jumping off the hooks. Bonus tip: Coleen changes out the mugs according to the seasons. It's an easy way to do a little decorating for the holidays that doesn't overwhelm a small RV.

3. Does it really need to be put away? We drink coffee almost every day. We have a nice looking stainless steel percolator. It stays on the stove while we are parked. It actually gives the kitchen a homey look, without looking cluttered. It rides nicely in the kitchen sink when we travel. Again, we save space in our cupboards for other things. Bonus tip: Limit what you have loose on your counter tops and stove to what will easily fit in your sink when it is time to move.

4. Slap to it! We enjoy boondocking, and even when we have full hookups, if it isn’t too hot, we prefer natural ventilation. When the door is open and the breeze is blowing through the RV, our paper towels unroll themselves. We recently acquired a slap bracelet at a state fair. It works well, slapped around the paper towels. When we don’t require it, we leave it in its flat state, and slip it into the silverware drawer, next the silverware tray. Bonus tip: You can also use a slap bracelet to keep your toilet paper from unraveling while you travel.

Even after more than two decades of RV living, we’re still learning. We're constantly improving and making our RV more comfortable and convenient for our everyday life. I hope these hints for easier RV living are of use to you, or spur ideas that will work for your personal RV lifestyle.


Editor's note: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this article about some of the practical things we do to make living in an RV easier. He's the one in the family who does most of modifications to our RVs, both big and small. Some of the small things, like hanging cup hooks can really make a difference, not only in convenience of use, but also in creating more usable space.

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