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Electrical Shocks from RV

an RVer asks....
(It's a Short - The Electricity is Going Through the RVer)

We are getting shocks from our RV, electrical shocks. We have a late 1960's small RV that we recently bought. It's in excellent shape for its year. However, my husband was washing it and when he touched it with his other hand it shocked him.

I mopped it, and then went outside to plug it in so that I could try out the air conditioner. I went back in to turn the ac on, and when it didn't work, I attempted to go back outside (I was barefooted). However, as soon as I touched the steps and doors, I felt a great shock.

What is causing this?

Bob, the RVing editor's husband replies:

This is a short, or short circuit. It is a situation when electrical current takes a shorter path to ground, or neutral, than the intended path or circuit. The electricity is going through you!

I could go into detail about what could be the cause and how to track down and fix the problem, but seeing your limited knowledge of electricity, I'll say, "Electricity can kill people!"

Get an electrician to check it out and fix it. Unplug the RV, and don't plug it in until someone fixes it for you.

Years of use and bouncing down the road can shake connections loose and fray and chaff wires. A screw or nail through a wire, a strained or stretched wire, or an addition or alteration to the electrical system could be the cause. Older units, and even new RV's, can be plagued with electrical problems.

In addition, an improperly wired power box at the campground can cause you problems. After you get your RV fixed, get a polarity/ground tester and voltage checker at your local RV dealer. Have the salesperson show you how to use them properly. Use them before you plug in your RV, every time.

Check the voltage especially if you plan to use the air conditioner. I like to have 110 volts while the air conditioner is running.

I hope it's a quick, inexpensive fix. But, please, don't take chances when there is electrical shocking involved.

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Shocking Story
by: Malcolm Brown

A shocking story.... I used to work on RVs
and mobile homes and was on a MH roof to check out the vap cooler. Laid my hand on it and what a shock. Turns out the cooler motor was wired
backwards. Eh!
Malcolm in Phoenix

Had Same Shocking Experience
by: SandiS

That happened to us in our old towable (2004). Turned out the microwave had a short in it that we didn't discover until the microwave itself started sparking. Put a new microwave in, no more shocks. We'd taken it to the dealer 4 times to try to find out the cause.

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