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Firewood for Camping

(Nick asks....)

How do we get firewood for camping now that we have a motorhome? We just purchased a 36' class a motorhome. We do not intend to use a toad of any type. We previously camped in a tent and traveled by car in our journeys. With a car, we would collect firewood every day or two at the many campgrounds we stayed at that did not deliver firewood. Now that we won't have a car, what tips can you offer for us to get firewood short of bringing it with us, which can be unlawful in some places? Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

The easiest, but probably most expensive way, is to buy bundles of firewood when you get close to the campground. Convenience stores and grocery stores likely have them for sale. You can also buy them at many camp stores. They are small enough that you shouldn't have any problem finding a place in your RV to put them.

Watch for locals selling firewood for camping. Enterprising folks may have a pile of cut wood at the end of their driveway. Look for home-made signs nearby that say, "Fire Wood." or maybe just, "For Sale." They may have it bundled for you, or it may be loose cuts. If you want larger quantities, they may deliver a pick-up load to the campground for you.

You might also watch bulletin boards for notices from people selling heating wood. Another place would be the penny saver type ad papers. While they typically sell heating wood by the cord, you may be able to get a smaller quantity.

While campgrounds usually don't allow you to cut wood within the park, you might ask if they have some available. We've been at parks where they were cutting dead trees and the resulting wood was free for the taking.

Enjoy your campfire!

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Be sure you are allowed to have a campfire before you buy wood! Most RV parks in the west do not allow burning in anything, ever. Always inquire when checking in. Campfires seem to be done more up north and back east than out west and in the south. Also, maybe done more so in state parks than RV parks. Wood is usually sold in the office, if it is allowed in the park. Always ask!

Buying Firewood
by: Anonymous

Be sure to check with the park where you are camping as to whether fires are allowed and where to purchase wood in the area. More and more areas of the country are not allowing any firewood brought in from anywhere else because of various tree diseases and critters being transported into an area from elsewhere. Could save yourself some headaches and backaches from wood gathering for naught.

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