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First Holidays as Full Timers

New full-time RVer Sandi S. shares....
(Anticipating Our First Christmas as Full-time RVers)

I am a Christmas "nut", as my hubby would say, and would begin decorating every room in the house, as well as the outdoors. We don't have that much room now, and I sold most of my holiday decor during an estate sale earlier this year. What I saved though, is full of memories.

We started full time RV living in January 2013, after putting our brick and mortar home on the market. We've adjusted well, but what to do with the holidays?

As we've traveled the U.S., we've collected those beautiful gold toned, thin, 3-D ornaments that are so prevalent in every gift shop. The valances above all my windows are padded fabric. I will use straight pins in the fabric to hold the ornaments in place where they can drop below the level of the valance.

We have a fireplace with a mantle in the front living room, so I saved my favorite stocking holders and stockings to use here.

My favorite stuffed snowmen will decorate the top of the wine cooler in the dining area.

I purchased a small, pre-lit four-foot, thin tree to decorate. There is a perfect space for it in the living room beside one of the sofas.

My Christmas linens, rugs, place mats, towels, etc. will be on display, as always.

I'm eager to see how this works out. I have Christmas scented Scentsy waxes to spread the fragrance of the season, and lots of Christmas music on my iPod, so it should be great. I can hardly wait.

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