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First Recreational Vehicle

(David asks...)

When was the first recreational vehicle created? I know RVs have been around a long time. But, when do they consider the first one was built and used? I'd like to know some of the history behind them and how it all got started.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Recreational Vehicle History

Hi David,

We are actually celebrating the 100th anniversary of recreational vehicles this year, 2010. There's a big Centennial celebration going on right now to honor the history of travel trailers and motorhomes. So, 1910 is considered the beginning of the modern RV industry.

Depending on how you define recreational vehicles, though, the history goes back much further. Think of pioneers traveling in covered wagons. While those early wagons certainly didn't have all the conveniences you'll find in today's recreational vehicles, they did serve as temporary homes on wheels.

Here's a link to another article on this website about the recreational vehicle industry history.
RV Industry Celebrates Its Centennial

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