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My Fishing Experience Is Extensive Because Of Our RVing

Fishing and RVing are naturals together. Some people only enjoy angling for a single species. Others, like me, like the wide range of fish out there just waiting for someone to try to catch them.

I have used cane poles, which I cut myself from a little grove of bamboo near Sycamore, Georgia. I've helped run a trotline in Alabama. I've thrown a cast net in the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico for mullet.

I've speared through a hole in ice over three feet thick for northern pike. I've fished with 3-pound weights in 300 feet of water for halibut up in Alaska. I've stood waist deep in an ice cold glacial stream fly fishing for trout.

I've dug earthworms on the bank, and then used them to caught sunfish in a Minnesota lake. I've snagged paddlefish in a Montana river. I've speared flounder off the sandy bottom, while wading in two and one half feet of water along the Mississippi coast.

I've gone after catfish in Missouri. I've fished for sharks off a pier in Texas and for spotted trout, black drum, and red drum in the Laguna Madre. I've caught barracuda while trolling off the Florida coast.

Whether casting out a line from shore, being a bit further out in my little Sea Eagle boat, or on a deep sea fishing charter, I'm happy to be on a fishing trip.

Wherever you go, there is probably some kind of fishing nearby. There's usually a local fisherman who will share some local knowledge and hot spots. Your RV is the perfect vehicle to get you there.


Editor's note: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this article. One of his favorite past-times is working with old mechanical things, such as steam traction engines and antique farm equipment. If you've read this article, you know what his other favorite past time is!

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