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Freshwater Holding Tank

Jim writes...
(How to empty an RV's fresh water tank.)

I'm sure this is a "dumb" question, but I bought a used 5th wheel trailer. The freshwater holding tank is 2/3 full. I've never used my freshwater tank in previous trailers and I'm trying to figure out how to drain it. Thanks.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Not a dumb question at all, especially since there is not one standardized way of emptying the tank. I passed this one on to Bob to answer and he offered four possibilities, and a bit of extra advice. Here is his reply:

Almost all manufacturers have the water system set up a little differently.

Some have an exposed water tank visible under the unit with a threaded drain plug that just needs to be removed and the water drains onto the ground.

We had a motorhome that had a little plastic drain valve on the outside wall, just open and let it drain.

Many RVs have low point drains, including a drain for the fresh water tank. Most of these drain valves only require you to pull the ring up about ½ inch, again letting the water to drain out onto the ground under the rig. Many times, these are hidden under sinks, in cupboards, or inside a little hatch in the floor.

We currently have an RV that doesn't have a fresh water drain, due to modifications made for cold weather use. The tank needs to be emptied by pumping the water out with the pump.

Whatever the method of emptying the fresh water holding tank happens to be on your particular rig, make sure to slant the unit toward the drain by driving onto an appropriate slope or running it on blocks to get all the water to the drain.

Like most any hole or crevice, yes, mud daubers can plug your drain tubes.

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