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Fridge, Travel, and Propane

(an RVer asks...)

Can you travel longer distances with your propane on in your recreational vehicle? So your fridge food and freezer food stays cold/frozen? I have heard that it is illegal to travel with your propane on.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

This is one of those questions that RVers never seem to get tired of debating. One camp says it is fine to travel with your propane on. The other says it is a huge "no-no."

Thousands of RVers are on the roads right now with their RV refrigerators operating on propane. Depending on the time of year, they are also operating their propane RV furnaces. They travel thousands of miles day in and day out without problems.

Is there some risk involved with traveling with your propane on? Sure. There is risk involved in most everything. I believe the likelihood of food poisoning that comes from not keeping your food cold is higher than the chance of your motorhome or trailer bursting into flames or exploding due to operating a propane RV appliance.

I think it is illegal to have an open flame near a fuel pump. Some tunnels have propane restrictions. However, in general, as far as I know, it is legal to travel with your RV refrigerator and furnace operating on propane.

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Reasons Not to Run the Propane While Driving
by: RVwarrior

The main reason to not have the propane on while driving is the safety factor. If you get in an accident, the propane line is open and if it gets cut the leaking propane can ignite and become an inferno. By keeping the valve closed on the tanks while driving, the only way for propane to exit would be if the tank gets punctured. Check youtube for RV's on fire --- very, very scary. I would not want to be inside one if it fills up w/propane and ignites.

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