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Frugal RVing Tips For Thrifty RV Travel And Economical Full-time RVing

Frugal RVing can be among the least costly ways to live and travel. Living in an RV full-time can be very economical. Here are ten assorted ways to cut your RVing costs.

1. Frugal RVers spend their money on the gift, not on the packaging and shipping. Consider presents that can be sent in a regular envelope. Or, order from a catalog and have the gift sent directly to the recipient

2. Learn to pack your RV’s wheel bearings. This is a job seldom done until it is too late, resulting in expensive repair bills. Do it every year or whenever you check your brakes. It is also a good idea to make note of wheel bearing numbers and seal numbers while you have the hubs off the spindles. Frugal RVers do this and other RV maintenance jobs.

3. Take advantage of your mobile status in looking for unconventional places to make purchases. Rental stores frequently have appliances, tools, and a large assortment of various merchandise for sale. Shop warehouse or discount outlets in areas where those stores are present. Prescriptions and health care items may be considerably less costly in some states than others. Check prices on items closest to their point of origin, whether it is produce, other foods, or manufactured goods.

4. Start RVing in an inexpensive, used rig. This is perhaps the number one tip for frugal RVing.

5. Frugal RVers travel the shoulder seasons for pre-season discounts. Campgrounds, theme parks, and various other attractions routinely have lower prices before the prime tourist season hits. And, at the end of the season.

6. Well trimmed and boneless meat can be cheaper per serving than untrimmed, bone-in meat. Having the butcher remove bones and fat (and with chicken, also the skin) can result in paying less for the edible meat in the package, even though the price per pound will be considerably higher. The same is true with fish. As an added bonus, you have neither the work nor the mess of doing the job at home.

7. A big part of frugal RVing is being aware of prices. Compare prices of goods and services in the area you are currently in with prices in the area you plan to visit next. Costs vary considerably from one part of the country to the other. Community size, location, competition, local values, popularity of the items, and time of year can all affect prices.

8. Shop at non-conventional places for groceries -- discount stores, dollar stores, flea markets, roadside veggie stands, canning plants, u-pick orchards, etc.

9. Supplement your frugal RVing by finding a hobby that pays. Make and sell crafts. Take extra photographs and sell them. Use your love of fishing and your knack at catching fish to become a fishing guide. Teach someone your hobby skills, either individually or in an adult education class.

10. Restaurants frequently charge less for diners eating earlier in the day. Lunch menu prices may be less than dinner menu prices, even for the same food selections served in the same quantity. Early bird dinner selections, with reduced prices, often include feature dishes not available on the regular menu. Restaurants sometimes give a flat percentage discount on any meals ordered before a certain time, to help spread out the dinner hour rush.

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