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Dreaming of Full-time RVing is the Date, Actual Full-time RVing is the Marriage

Full-time RVing is like romance. The mere idea of taking off in an RV to travel and see the unknown has a thrill to it. It's new and exciting, and full of promise. There's freedom, fun, and fantasy!

I liken the whole scenario to dating, planning the wedding, and marriage.

Dreaming of full-time RVing is romantic. You dream of far away states and exotic locations with mountain and ocean views. You see yourself sitting around a campfire holding hands and watching the fire flicker in the moonlight. You envision you and the love of your life sharing candlelit dinners, feasting on local specialties. You see your cute little home on wheels, newly decorated and ready to roll, taking you down the highway to live your dreams.

Then, there's the rush of planning and preparing. So much to do. Tons of anticipation. You're giddy with happiness as you look forward to the big day. At the same time, you're a bit scared. After all, it's a big decision -- your life will never be the same again. And, people are either telling you that you are making a mistake or giving you all sorts of free advice.

And then you make the big move. What really happens after you sell your traditional home, sell or put your belongings in storage, move into the RV, and actually hit the road?

Laundry piles up. The trash needs emptying. Bills need paying. The toilet needs cleaning. The dog gets sick and vomits on the new carpet. You not only need to cook dinner, you need to do the dishes, too.

It's just like home. Because it is home.

Full-time RVing is not full-time RV vacationing. Just like marriage is not one life-long dream date.

Lest you think I am putting down marriage, let me be perfectly clear here. I'm not.

But going full-time RVing is like getting married. It takes a while for the new bride and bridegroom to adjust to their new roles. Mixed in with all those images you saw in the dating phase are the realities of day-to-day life. You still have many of your same responsibilities and obligations, but some of them you've traded for different ones. It can take some time to settle in and get the hang of the best way to do things in this new stage of your life. And when you do, it is a wonderful way to live!


As a side note, Bob and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on October 3, 2011. We've been full-time RVers for over half of that time, and extended-time RVers for another chunk of it. I'm fortunate that we both thrive on married life and the RVing life.

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