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Full-time RVing … The Months Tick By, We Begin Full-timing During an Ice Storm

Full-time RVing … page three of our story, answering your questions about what we did to become full-time RVers. Living in an RV was a wild idea in September. By April, we were doing it.

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"Call the Realtor."

It was now October. The outdoor market had closed for the season. We'd moved our remaining flea market merchandise into what used to be my Mary Kay office in our house. I was back to doing the once a month indoor market. We’d sold the trailer (the $200 Winnebago) I’d bought, so we had no RV. We joined the Escapees Club. We listed our house for sale.

In November, we bought a 14-foot cargo trailer.

In December, we signed up for the Escapees mail forwarding service. I was leery and wanted to test this mail forwarding thing. I gradually began to do address changes. I also started calling catalog companies to get our names removed from mailing lists.

In January, we bought the first RV that we would use for full-timing. It was a 19 foot long, 1968 Forester. We paid $700.00 for it. It, shall we say, needed some work. Our reasoning was that it would be something to trade in on something better later in the spring.

In February, Bob started working on the trailer. He ended up putting in new plumbing, and replacing much of the propane and electrical systems. The Escapees Magazine touted the advantages of solar and recommended a guy named Noel Kirkby at RV Solar Electric in Arizona. A call to him and we soon had a solar system in our living room, which Bob soon learned to install on the trailer. He did this with the trailer parked in an outside, rented storage area, knee deep in Dakota snow.

Our house sold in March. Bob gave notice at work that he was leaving.

In April, we were full-time RVers! We moved into the trailer amid an ice storm. What were we doing?

We had no idea.

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