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Full-time RVing: How to Start, Where to Begin, What to Take for the RV Lifestyle

Full-time RVing ... living in a recreational vehicle .... How in the world do you get started? Here's how we planned and prepared, along with suggestions and things we've learned through the years.

Our First RV: That Little Winnebago Trailer Changed Our Lives Our first RV purchase was a surprise to Bob. It was back in the summer of 1991. I bought a 12-foot Winnebago travel trailer unbeknownst to him. I had no idea at the time how it would change our lives.

The Magic of Solar Panels: Bob's True Fairytale RVing and Photovoltaics Story Solar panels play a big part in our full-time RVing independence. Here's Bob's story -- written as a fairytale, but very true -- of how we became full-timers and how we started with a solar system.

Coleen Recommends a SD Mail Forwarding Service: The UPS Store in Rapid City, SD We use a SD mail forwarding service, specifically, The UPS Store #1884 on West Main Street in Rapid City, SD. I have worked with Vicki, the manager there, for years. She and her staff continue to provide excellent service.

Solar Panels: What Do I Really Need in a Photovoltaic System for RV Electricity? Solar panels and a photovoltaic system are amazing. Use them to maintain your batteries in the off-season, to supplement while occasionally boondocking, or for a full time stand-alone electric system.

Tools for the Road -- Bob's List of Tools and Related Supplies for the RV There are two things that I've never had too much of … fishing equipment and tools. When it comes to fixing, building, or remodeling something in the RV, I have what I need to get the project done.

Bob's Tools, Tips, and Thoughts on Needed RV Repair Supplies Tools and repair supplies are usually the first things we put into our RVs. You never know when you are going to have a mechanical breakdown or have something go wrong in the RV that needs fixing.

Emergency Road Service Membership Buys Peace of Mind and Saves Towing Expense Emergency road service - some say never go RVing without it, while others say it is a waste of money. Can you change your RV tires? Can you do minor RV repairs? What does a tow cost?

Auto Insurance Quotes - Yes, You Really May Save Hundreds on your Premium Ads for auto insurance quotes, you know the ones that say you could save if you switched companies, abound. Can you really save any money, or are all the RV and car insurance rates about the same?

Health Insurance Options for RVers for Affordable Health Care Coverage Health insurance is a much talked about issue for full-time RVers. Remember employee paid health coverage is still an option. And, there are private medical insurance policies and group plans.

Full-timing: Would Have, Could Have, Should Have My wife Frances and I started talking about full-timing about eight or so years ago. I had a friend that went to full-timing about twelve years ago and at the time I could not understand why he would do that. But as the years came and went the idea started looking more and more appealing. Frances and I fell in love with the idea over time and started going to RV shows and figuring out what type of RV would best suit our needs. (Guest article written by Marty Chambers.)

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