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Galveston Island RV Resort: A Highly Rated RV Park in Galveston, Texas

Galveston Island RV Resort, Galveston, Texas, is one of the nicest and newest RV parks we've visited. I'm impressed with the utilities -- the water, sewer, and electrical systems. And the wi-fi. The sites are large. They have large, level concrete pads. There are palm trees all around the grounds. They have done a remarkable job growing grass between the sites. The resort is clean and neat.

Galveston Island RV Resort 

After leaving the Port Isabel, Texas, area, we traveled up the coast to do some visiting around the Corpus Christi area. We then proceeded north through Rockport, and spent time around the Indianola - Magnolia Beach - Port Lavaca area. Now, we’re on Galveston Island.

Galveston Island RV Resort Sign, Galveston, TXEntering Galveston Island RV Resort, Galveston, Texas

We are at Galveston Island RV Resort. The owner and his wife live in a 5th wheel on site, four or five days a week. They know what it is like to live in an RV, which makes them better judges of what RVers want in an RV resort. The owner works on the grounds himself. Many times, I have seen him in a hole, digging with a shovel. He was working by himself, doing what was needed to expand and upgrade the park.

Galveston Island RV Resort Clothes DryerThe Washers and Dryers at Galveston Island RV Resort Use Credit Cards

The resort clubhouse is elevated, with a wonderful view of both Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. In the clubhouse, there is a modern laundry with new machines. Don’t worry about quarters. The washers and dryers take credit cards. The clubhouse also has clean, large, nicely tiled showers. I like that they are private -- one shower, toilet, and sink per room, like you'd have at home. The office and camp store are in the front of the clubhouse. The large covered deck overlooks the pool and hot tub. The deck has chairs and tables for sitting back and relaxing.

Both the owners use computers at the resort. They know when the Wi-Fi is slow and when things aren’t working. Galveston Island RV Resort's free Wi-Fi is pretty good. They are currently upgrading to make it better. While not practical for a campground to offer free Wi-Fi capable of streaming HD movies to everyone, they do have a fee-for-service expanded internet available.

Galveston RV Resort Owner Working on the Park UtilitiesThe Galveston RV Resort Owner Working on the Park Utilities, Making What Is Already Good, Better

The resort has a lot of things you might not notice. I'm impressed by the water, electric, and sewer systems at Galveston Island RV Resort.

The waterlines feeding water through the resort are six and eight inch lines. Many small towns and cities don’t have any bigger water lines than that. These water lines also feed the numerous fire hydrants in the resort. There are at least five main electrical power drops into the resort, each feeding five main breakers. This makes at least 25 sections of power distribution in the campground. The power is run through heavy gauge copper wire, not aluminum. It feeds pedestals with 20 amp, 30 amp, and 50 amp outlets at every sight. I think every site could have two air conditioners running, and as long as the power company did its job, everyone in the park would have plenty of electricity.

The sewer system is designed robustly, with pumps and lift stations to ensure everything flows where it should flow.

Galveston Island RV Resort opened about two years ago. Although new, they are constantly making improvements. They are also expanding. They are adding park models for rentals. They are also adding a children's playground.

Galveston Island RV Resort Swimming PoolThe Galveston Island RV Resort Swimming Pool

If you are looking at staying, the Galveston Island RV Resort, and Galveston itself, have an attitude of making visitors welcome. Galveston has good restaurants, numerous attractions, good grocery stores, clean beaches, and a rich history. The gulf breezes moderate the hot Texas summers, making it a comfortable destination all year round. The resort owner is a storehouse of local knowledge, and knows interesting history of the area.

If you are headed to the Rio Grande Valley for the winter, or headed back north in the spring, stop at Galveston Island RV Resort on the way. You may find you like it so much you decide to stay. Galveston is a vacation paradise in the summer. It also makes a fine winter destination.

Galveston Island RV Resort
23700 San Luis Pass Road
Galveston, TX 77555
Phone: 409-200-2745


Coleen's comments: My husband, Bob Nilles, wrote this article about Galveston Island RV Resort. With his experience in construction and mechanics, and his prior work as foreman of a city water department, he sees -- and appreciates -- things in campgrounds that I don't see. He was impressed with the utilities at Galveston Island RV Resort, something that is a prime consideration for many RVers and campers.

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