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Gas Stations - Good Ones

(Frankfort, IL, USA)

Is there anyone who has started a list or website that has good gas stations - easy to pull in and out of with a trailer? There don't seem to be a lot. I know truck stops are good, but they are also very crowded because their gas prices are usually good.

Coleen, the RVing editor comments:

I don't know of a website that specifically carries information on which fuel stations are easily accessible by RVers.

However, there are a couple of books available that may help you. I haven't used either of them, so don't take this as a personal recommendation.

~ 2011 Exit Now: Interstate Exit Directory - It is a spiral-bound book. It is put out by TL Enterprises, which is part of Good Sam Enterprises LLC (formerly Affinity Group LLC). If you are looking to buy it, the ISBN-13 is 978-0982489444.

~ The Next Exit 2011: USA Interstate Exit Directory: the Most Complete Interstate Exit Directory - It is a paperback by Mark Watson. If you are looking for it, the ISBN-13 is 978-0971407398.

As is the case with most travel reference books, these received mixed views. Some travelers claim one or the other to be superior, and something they wouldn't leave home without.

One or the other of these may have just the information you are looking to find. You may find them helpful for locating RV parks and campgrounds, restaurants, Laundromats, grocery stores, auto parts stores, and other services that you need in your travels, too.

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