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(Barbara M. writes...)

I would like to know if the 4000 watt Champion generator that I just bought is going to be enough to run my AC in my Keystone Montana 2955rl.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Hi Barbara,

Maybe. It depends in part on how the generator is rated. Some get their ratings from their maximum output. Trouble is, they can't maintain that output for more than a few minutes.

Your better generators are likely to have what I consider a truer rating. We like our Honda. I wouldn't balk at a Yamaha. You'll also find they are more expensive.

It also depends on what else you are running besides your air conditioner. Add a coffee maker or the microwave, and you've added a lot of extra drain. Even things that take less electricity, such as your TV, computer, lights, or a slow cooker add up.

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by: Anonymous

Hi Barbara,

You might want to ask your question over on the Montana Owner's website... There is probably someone there with your model with a generator who can tell you what will and won't run. It's a good website with lots of information on Montanas.


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