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Getting Started RVing

(Angela asks....)

How does one get started living full-time in a recreational vehicle and traveling everywhere? RV life and travel sounds great, but where does one begin? Can you give me some step to take? What did you do?

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

How We Started Full-time RVing

Hi Angela,

This is what we did...

~ Bought a book on full-time RVing and read it.

~ Joined the Escapees RV club and read the information they provided.

~ Signed up for a mail forwarding service and started doing change of addresses.

~ Bought a used travel trailer that we could afford and that we could tow with a pickup that we already owned.

~ Worked in the trailer to clean it and make it nicer to live in.

~ Put our house up for sale and sold it.

~ Sold extra vehicles and things that we couldn't take with us and that we didn't want to pay to keep in storage.

~ Put some things in storage.

~ Gave notice to employers that we were leaving.

~ Moved into the trailer and headed out on our adventure.

If I was starting today, I'd probably get my information online. Back in 1991 when we decided to become full-time RVers, we didn't have that option.

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Comments for Getting Started RVing

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How I Got Started Fulltime RVing
by: Swinger RV

The economy tanked! Yep, I lost it all, but I had a feeling I was going to be in big trouble very quickly if i could not find work. Soooo, I covered my butt so to speak, bought a 28 ft. Dodge swinger for $500 bucks.

Yep, you're probably thinking, "Oh what a piece of junk that is." Nope, the guy that owned it passed away and the family wanted to get rid of it. The owner bought it new and was old school, took very good care of it; I have all the appliance books for the unit and it came with new tires.

Well as things turned out, I lost it all and I was ready. Nope, I'm not homeless, I'm a fulltime RVer. Took some attitude adjustment, but I have had a ball with this thing and haven't looked back. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons.

Even managed to pick up a 91 5r for free and I stay in it when I'm not on the road! Like the saying goes, "Just Do It."

Please Share More
by: Loren

Yesterday, I purchased a 31' motorhome. Circumstances have made this decision for me. After a long list of negative events, i.e. a failed LTR, job loss, and health problems, I opted for a new beginning.

My goal is to see the country and enjoy the journey. I, unfortunately, have limited income, and also medical issues. I can drive, and feel that physically, I can do this. At home, or on the road, my challenges are the same.

How can I keep my costs down? I do not have an itinerary because I will be restricted by gas prices, campground costs, and such. I realistically feel the money per month available will be $1200.00. Food, fuel, and campgrounds will need to come from that money. Am I going to be able to make this happen or do I need my head examined? Thanks, Loren

Cut Your Costs by Volunteering
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

Hi Loren,

One way to cut your costs is to volunteer at a government run campground or some other locality that can provide you a place to park your RV. You might volunteer as a camphost for a school district, for example, to provide a presence and to notify authorities if you see something suspicious.

One advantage is that it cuts your campground costs to nothing for the time you are there. Because you might stay for several weeks or months, it cuts down on your fuel expenses. Depending on the position, they offer other perks. Many state parks have limits as to how long a regular camper may stay, but if you are a camphost, you get to stay longer.

For more information on this, see our Workers On Wheels website.

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