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Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant: After 10 Years, It Doesn't Disappoint Us

Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant has excellent food, reasonable prices, and room in the parking lot for RVs. It's our first day back in Texas, after a ten year or so absence, and we wanted Mexican food.

They immediately served us chips and salsa. The chips were warm. Unexpectedly, so was the salsa. And, we received a dish of pickled carrots, onions, and jalapeno peppers. Sometimes it is the little things that add a great deal to the meal, and this certainly got this one off to a good start.

Bob and I each choose one of their many combination dinners. I liked that the taco and cheese puff were served on a separate plate, so they didn't get wet from the enchilada sauce on my main plate. The cheese enchiladas were oozing with cheese, which is how I like them.

Dinner at Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant

We dug into our full plates and had eaten a while when I remembered I hadn't taken pictures. As it turns out, you get to see the ground beef filling in the chile relleno. But, you miss both the appetizers and the dessert flan… eaten before I thought of the camera.

Friendly and efficient waiters. Excellent food, served hot. Many dinners priced under $10. A pleasant atmosphere. Outside dining available. Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant proved to be a satisfying Mexican food meal on our first day back in TX.

Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant
3907 Avenue H
Rosenberg, TX 77471-2807
Phone: 281-633-9042

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