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Health Insurance Coverage

(Dover, Pa.)

The only thing stopping us is health insurance coverage. We are in our early 50s. He will need medical insurance coverage in case of accident or illness. What is the cost of such a policy? With whom is the best option?

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Medical Insurance Coverage
by: Coleen, the RVing editor

Hi Karen,

What are you doing for health insurance now? Keeping what you have may be your best option.

If your husband is covered by his employer now, he may be able to keep that coverage. If he hasn't earned medical coverage in a retirement plan, he would need to pay for it. Still, it may be the answer.

What about your health insurance? Since you say your husband is the one who will need it, I get the impression that you have coverage. Is it possible to add him to your plan?

Full-time RVers have the same medical options as non-RVers. One or the other of you may find employment that provides medical benefits. You might get group coverage through some community or professional association. You could opt for a private policy. Some go without insurance.

Costs could range from nothing to thousands of dollars a month. It depends on what you choose, where you domicile, your medical history, and if the insurance companies deem something about you or your lifestyle as being risky.

On the brighter side, many full-time RVers find they feel better, have fewer medical problems, and are generally healthier than before full-timing.

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